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Not really, she booked it.

Went there on my honeymoon. 'beautiful' all inclusive hotel. A veritable paradise

Ermmmm yes the hotel was brilliant and I am sure the food was too but it was also in the middle of the swamps and it was the rainy season so guess what happened - I got bitten to hell by mossies and was poorly (had to go to hotel doc!). Also my idea of going somewhere is to be able to explore. There were armed guards patrolling all around our hotel and an advise not to wander.

best part was going to some lagoon in the middle of the night and diving in. Felt weird as the first 4 foot or so is really warm water and then below that is freezing. And you start to glow due to the bacteria in the water. great when you can see all the fish flowing around you.

Went to Montagu Bay - once again you are warned to only go in certain places although I do thing that was a ruse.

Brought back some Blue Mountain coffee though. very nice.

Had my first (of many) rows with the wife when I went swimming in the sea. What happens - thinks shrivel up in the water don't they. And mine shrivelled up big style. So much so that my new (less that 4 days old) wedding ring fell off in the sea and was lost for ever. Well I was talking about my fingers shrivelling up, what else did you think I meant.

Would I go back. No.

p.s. this was NOT the Hedonism hotel. That was a couple of miles down the road.

For once, we weren't overly bothered about doing too much in the way of exploring this trip and ended up lounging about at the hotel sipping girlie drinks whilst reading scandinavian crime novels.

There was one moment of excitement though - an older Dutch woman was snorkelling a little further out than was perhaps wise and there was a dude on a motor boat who was going a bit too fast too close to the shore, with rather unpleasant inevitable consequences.

I didn't get that good a view, but she was rushed to hospital, only to return a day or so later with painkillers and a sling and cast on her left arm.

It wasn't obvious to me if any bones were broken, but I'm guessing they might have had to reattach some severed pushy-pully bits and I'm sure there must've been some serious stitching too.

Could've been worse I suppose, but not what you really want to happen on holiday/ever.

Especially if that's your drinking arm.

I did the whole "lost my wedding ring" thing playing footie about five years or so ago - the overly-officious ref (avoids mirror) wanted it removed rather than taped and I put it into one of the side pockets my kitbag.

Unfortunately, I didn't close the zipper properly before heading off home and, well, the shiny fucker hasn't been seen since.

I wouldn't have been overly bothered, but it was also my dad's wedding ring (he died in a car accident when I was two) and it had been initially given to me to use as a signet ring by my mum when I turned twenty-one and I simply switched fingers when I got married.

The only bit of jewellery I've ever worn. Sorry mum. Forum Index -> Strange plaices
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