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It's all Greek to me

Economics is high on the list of things I don't understand. So I took the trouble to read what this was all about over the weekend.

Are these guys taking the piss or what. They peaked about 3000 years ago with Aristotle, Archimedes, Pythagoras and all of those guys and have been going steadily downhill ever since.
This guy Tsipros thinks he's Zorba and seems to have successfully convinced his nation that they have been horribly wronged, when in fact they are bankrupt because they never collect their taxes. If I owed someone 40bn euros I'd be hiding behind the sofa with tin hat on by now.

You see that is where they went wrong.

Aristotle reported on the reproductive arm of Octopusus, Archimedes had his screw and Pythogoras created that sill number that has an infinite number of decimal places. No wonder their economy is in tatters

I lost any interest or understanding of this story approx ten days ago. The collective media coverage has managed to totally banjax me so I'm out! They can fight it out amongst themselves. In the final analysis why should I care about a nation who's spelling of the word 'No' includes the fucking letter X????? Bonkers if you ask me.......I know you won't.

It does all seem somewhat bonkers, although there were always likely to be problems with anything involving financial co-operation and/or commingling between the northern and southern european mindsets.

I realise this may come out as "wrong" or at very least not very pc, but I strongly suspect Modern Greece has a quite different ethnic mix and little resemblance to Ancient Greece beyond simplistic geographical features.

Not that it is relevant, but......

I do quite like their yoghourt.

Donít get me wrong. Iím not unsympathetic to the plight of the Greek people. I feel sorry for them because it seems their ruling elite have monumentally mismanaged the financial affairs of the nation. But as with a lot of issues and events in the news these days I ask myself: Does this affect me? And: Can I change this situation for the better through my direct action? And if the answer is a resounding Oxi to both of those questions I remove the issue from my thoughts. This is how I feel about the crisis in Greece. And also about people leaving oppressive Britain to go to Syria or some other middle eastern toilet. I Couldnít give a flying one about any of it. Not my problem.

The problem I have with Greece is that I as the Brit tax payer have contributed in some way to the 40bn they have received in loans. Most of which seems to have gone into the already large pockets of their obscenely wealthy shipping magnates or to fund generous and unwarranted pay awards for their public servants.

Whilst at the same time, they refuse to tackle the root of the problem - i.e. they don't collect their taxes.

The people that I feel sorry for are those in the Baltic states who have swallowed the austerity pill and now find themselves subsidising the Greek nation's stubborn determination to continue with a lifestyle that they neither deserve nor can afford.

Good post FC! I have yet to be told how Britain being a member state of the EU has benefitted me personally. It's a just a big fucking mess if you ask me...........I know you won't.
Late Doors

Winning The Euros that year (football not singing) gave them a sense of superiority and entitlement. Thankfully that'll never happen to us Forum Index -> Life in the fish bowl
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