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Is there any wonder?

Say's it all really.
Plastic Man

Re: Is there any wonder?

sheeps wrote:
Say's it all really.

... of 122 representatives on the FA council, only eight are women and four are from black and ethnic minority backgrounds.

I heard the interview yesterday. I don't know the FA council is composed. Is it mainly people who are elected within regional FA bodies that are put on it, with some others (e.g. the token supporter) co-opted on?

The eight  women and four from black/ethnic minority backgrounds possibly reflects the relative proportions that take an active interest in the administration (as opposed to being involved at club level) of the game.

I'm not a great fan of forced proportional representation. Things can swing the other way.

It reminds me of the TV show W1A, that satirised the goings-on at the BBC.

The Head of News, on hearing that staffing proportions had to reflect the make-up of the British population, saying that he was going to have to start employing a lot more white, middle-aged blokes.
Late Doors

Kind of microcosm of the country. As long as the elite are raking it in and the rest hanging on to their shirt tails they percieve nothing is wrong or needs to change

He's 79!!!

No wonder the Premier League is running rings round them.

In other news: Fat bloke eats pie.

Grind wrote:
In other news: Fat bloke eats pie.

I missed that one. Forum Index -> All other football
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