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Irvine Welsh. Huddersfield Literary festival .

Possibly the most distinct British writer of the last forty years? We were honoured with a hour talk, a reading from his new book and a short Audience Q and A. You might wonder what a bloke who can write with such detail and empathy about violence degradation and squalor would be like in person? I certainly did.

About three hundred came into the university business lecture room to listen to the bloke most clearly loved. He sat relaxed in leather jacket, green t shirt jeans and wooly hat whilst being interviewed by a BBC Chappy for the occasion. Obviously his new book Blade Artist was central to it and he was more than  happy to talk in great detail about it maybe to the point of giving  too much away. I put that down to his honesty, openness and  indeed a great deal of affable engaging charm. He was brilliant, warm witty and intelligent. The questions may well have been pre arranged and understood but his answers seemed totally spontaneous and candid. That was more than reflected in his replies to the finale of questions from the audience.

His reading of an extract involving our old Friend Begbie was surprisingly less than slick but a real treat hearing it from the creator. The audience hung reverently on every nuance and word. Our nephew bought a couple of books and had them signed by him. He was almost shaking with excitement afterwards. I'm a bit long in the tooth for such idolisation but came away knowing we'd met a really special bloke. Thank you Huddersfield Literary festival
smiling badger

My favourite author. Just finished reading his latest book and it is a pretty good and as with most of his is dark, funny, violent and Scotish! I think that its half the reason that i use the word 'cunt' far more than i really should as a result of reading his books. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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