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smiling badger

Ipswich town v Leeds

Know its next weekend. Anyone making the trip down to East Anglia for this game? Managed to get freebie tickets for me and the son of Badger.
Stuck with the six fingered, Tractor drivers but never mind.
Will defo up for a pint if anyone is coming down.
Kingmaker of Lilliput

me with eldest daughter.
smiling badger

Meeting up with my Leeds supporting cousin and his mate but sure we could meet for a swift pint if you are up for it..
Kingmaker of Lilliput

Finding a child freindly pub is key to a pint SB...
smiling badger

Most people from Ipswich have a child like mentality so it shouldnt be a problem.

Know what you are saying. My son is 15 so not so much of a problem with him being let into a pub with his dad.
Let me know if you do think about it though.

I don't understand. Colin said the current Leeds team was the best we've ever had (presumably he doesn't remember the Prem).

He wasn't lying was he?

Daft bastard would pick Michael Brown even if Xavi was available.
smiling badger

We looked ok up until the sending off, which was a harsh one. Ipswich were pretty awfull up until that point. We had control of the game.
Then being a man down we steadily got worst.
Couldnt pass, defend or create any decent chances.
Ipswich are pretty useless themselves and if we had had 11 bodies on the pitch we may have made more of the game. I say, may as we didnt/dont seem to have anybody able to put the ball in the back of the net.Any decent team would have torn Ipswich apart. Bloody poor performance and  as for Colin saying that this is one of our best teams??
Not that i go to many games these days and not that im any football tactician but this is one of the worst teams that ive seen play. Utter shite.
As for our own fans singing ' we know we're shit but we still love Leeds'...

Colin has a pop in public at Lees. What sort of man management is that ffs.
Also 'McCormack's head is not right'.

He seems quick to criticise players who he inherited and quick to defend the underachievers he brought in himself.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

excuse the shitty language but Warnock is a monumental fucking bastard cunt of a man and possibly the worst manager we've had since Wise and I believe he was the worst ever Forum Index -> Leeds
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