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Late Doors

Ipswich Town (H) championship 28-1-13

Just as  we seemed to be on the desert course along comes a plate of spaghetti. Not wanted, not needed, hugely suspicious and with a touch of the ranc.

There's a lot to be said about this world of instant communication and info load but it's just become another weapon to be deployed in the brinkmanship of business deals. It isn't even anyone's money exchanging.  The capital is simply debt underwritten with fog. Not real, not touchable just buckets of invisible oil to lubricate transactions and  administer token ownership. Football doesn't produce anything, it's just a hollow chamber of laundering that converts  cash through the turnstile and the crap that gets advertised around it into huge parasitical wages for the feckless. If anything represents the bankrupt vacuum of the vaporised western economy its football. All concepts of worth, value and wealth distribution distorted and bent beyond any moral parameters.  And yet here we are again on a rainy Tuesday night.

We kicked off attacking (if that is the right word) the kop. Two wingers and Ross in the middle  this time with Diouff operating around him. Varney seemingly exercising his precious right to dishonour his contract and obligations in case he gets hurt.

We seemed to have found a new way of putting the kick off into touch. instead of just hoofing straight in we pass it in giving Ipswich a throw and allowing them to take the early initiative. We broke but Ross was beaten to the ball down the right and an attempted neat one two involving Diouff was blocked as we attempted to get hold of the game.

Brown was fouled but we sent the free kick straight to the keeper which seems to be one of our fortes with set pieces, particularly when we have no obvious target in the box. Lots of central area headers ensued as we quickly realised this game was not going to be a classic. Pie man seemed more interested in his accumulator and MDM his little bag of biscuits, won't be long before the flask and blanket now, i can see it coming.

We found a quick break in us that gained a throw before captain Ross tried to up our tempo. We didn't appear to have a collective intensity or purpose in our play and Ipswich defended comfortably. Kebe produced a tidy little touch before receiving a bad pass from Byram. In between the ref giving Ipswich a soft free kick.

Another attempted one two was blocked but not illegally according to the referee. Diouff immediately capitalised on the crowd pressure in front of the linesman and got a free kick going down under a challenge. Alas the free kick was hit too deep to cause any problems in the box. We produced another tidy build up before Ipswich cleared, again far too easily as the pa repeatedly announced for the owner of a Chevrolet to contact a steward. A rather animated bloke behind us bellowed some sexist abuse and a women in front turned around with a withering look as the game continued. Ipswich were careless with the ball, thankfully, finding touch regularly but still produced moments of attack. The head bandaged Lees clearing for a corner. In fact they came close moments later spurning a chance in the box. Again Lees put in a tackle before Paddy was called on to make two good saves. The little period of pressure ended with a header over our bar and slight agitation spread around the kop.

Rudy surprised everybody firing a shot in on target to bring a low save from the keeper and a corner but discontent continued a minute later with a back pass to paddy from a position we should have built from. Rudy reverted to mediocrity with a bad pass to Stewart and we consolidated the malaise with a wasted free kick.

Stewart brought appreciation from the crowd after a good run and determination that forced a throw then a cross that just evaded Ross. It was the last action of the half and we were treated to piemans account of his post Leicester match session.

Apparently he confused the 23.20 Harrogate train leaving platform 1 with the 23.35 Huddersfield train from platform 16 the opposite end of the station making him get off at burley park to wander around Hyde park in an un accounted for  hour and a half. That's his story anyway.

Ipswich started the second half dangerously, side footing a chance wide  before robbing Rudy and forcing a corner. We eventually cleared finding Ross who had no support around him to capitalise on the good position.

Ipswich maintained the initiative getting round Paddy at a wide angle but were unable to get a clear shot and we cleared. It was Stewart on the left who finally produced a response firing in a shot after cutting in. Maybe he was expected to pass but it was worth an effort. Back came Ipswich with a low cross and again we cleared through Kebe but the cross went begging. Again Kebe brought the ball forward but again the cross found the keeper. I couldn't see us scoring at all. Kebe again on the ball lost possession allowing a speculative shot from Ipswich that somehow evaded Paddy and we were 1-0 down.

Two subs prepared to leave the bench as we mustered a reply. Stewart seemed to run into nowhere before he appeared to be clipped and the ref gave us a pen. It was a break. Ross hammered it in and we were level.

Diouff was replaced by Polean and the impressive Brown (yes, really) gave way for Mowatt as we tried to increase the attacking intensity. Two shots were fired in and both  blocked, somewhat fortuitously by Ipswich. The corner was cleared but we came back only to produce one pass too many and the move broke down. It looked like we could finish the game strong but we made hard work of clearing the next Ipswich attack down our right back position before eventually breaking through Ross  whose shot produced a corner. The game was still scrappy and could have gone anyway. Rudy blocked a run and protested at the free kick before Warnock had a bit of luck rescuing a bad touch while he was last man in the box.

Meanwhile Stewart was looking increasingly isolated on the left with even Ross ignoring his position and flicking unto the box instead. I thought we could have used the lad a bit more especially as kebe became less involved in the game. We did manage a good cross from Warnock that went unmet on its way across the box but still no gathering momentum came fir the final stage of the game.

Lees at the other end got caught and again we were under a little pressure untill we broke up the left. Alas the corner again found the keeper to deflate the momentary expectation. Another left wing move delivered a cross and again there was no one attacking it. Very very frustrating. Pelts replaced Byram on 87 minutes for him to see a throw in from the right actually bounce into the box into the goalkeepers arms. The four minutes added time seemed almost cruel. Both sides made a token effort at finding a winner. Warnock put in a good tackle and Pearce made a rushed hash of s headed clearance to give Ipswich a corner. Thankfully they weren't interested in capitalising on it and the ref blew up for our only point of January.

We listened to the phone in our way. Kebe was getting stick but i didn't think he was that poor. Certainly no poorer than others and the collective. Bobby D made an impressive contribution with succinct and pertinent comments on the game and performances.  BMcD then came on to all but confirm our suspicions on the takeover. If these silly stupid greedy bustards let this investment and further transition go begging it will be on a par with anything Bates has done or rather not done.

I hope you post these elsewhere as well. They're ace!

Usual quality stuff LD. A lot more interesting than the match, I'll wager.

Still. A point is a point. As they say in the movies.
smiling badger

Thanks for the report LD and thanks for keeping faith and turning out the reports.
What about Ipswichs goal? Paddy was no where to be seen, litteraly wasnt he?
Frazier Cranium

He was thinking about where to throw the ball once he'd caught it.  But he forgot that bit about catching it first. Forum Index -> Leeds
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