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smiling badger

Ipswich Town away.

Any of you lucky people heading to Portman Road on Saturday?
Will be of there with my boy if any of you would like to meet up for a pint.
Have a feeling that we may beat this lot and even end the match with 11 players just for a change!
smiling badger

Well, we have managed to break what was becoming to be bit of a curse with our away day games at Portman Road.
12 years or so since our last win there and we managed yesterday be it with a bit of luck! Which is needed now and again.
Ipswich had a goal disallowed in the first 10 minutes of the game but could have easily had 2 or 3 goals in the first 45 as they went through our at times, pathetic defence. A better team would have taken advantage of this and torn our back four to shreads. But luck was on our side..
Varney got the equaliser and a real good one at that! He certainly seems to keep himself busy through the course of a game.
Second half Ross Mac gets the second and we sit on this goal until the final whistle.
Ipswich have a couple of corners in injury time and being a Leeds fan at Portman Road i really was expecting the usual to happen but srangely it didnt!!
Our following was vast and loud as usual. But saying that Portman Rd is such a quiet ground and the only noise the locals make is when they try and get on the Refs back for his desicions. A great little ground though.
So a great day was had for myself and young Stench for a change. The first time that we have gone there and come back with smiles on our faces!
We have a great following by we really do have some right pricks with it also. A few were at our station where we got of our train from Ipswich, god knows why they were there but they were arrogant, loud and down right knobs. Making most that had to walk past them feel uneasy, myself included. Seemed to make what was a great day feel not so great on the home leg of our journey.
Suppose all clubs have them but we have more than others..

Nice report Badger.
Frazier Cranium

I was considering attending but personal events have put me off, but not as much as the 41 ticket price.  Watched some of it on a live stream broadcast but mu laptop started playing up when doing so, so I biined that idea and listened to Radio Leeds.  Looked a lousy game anyway, great result, thanks for the write up Badger.
Late Doors

cheers badge, yep, nice to break the jinx we have there, see what we can do keeping  11 men on the field   . A couple of times previously  we have looked capable there until a sending off. My mates who went said once we got a foot on the game we were good for the win.

Varney gets some unfair stick, big hearted lad who always gives his best and I'm sure with a confidence build up behind him he could become a really important match winning player for us.

You kind of get immune to some of the fans Badge, they are an embarrassment I know but most of the other clubs with our kind of following are just as bad. It's like a third wave of  knobbishness is sweeping into football fan culture. Just remember there are more decent fans than pricks everywhere Forum Index -> Leeds
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