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Instant karma's gonna get you!

Just to give all you LU fans a laugh after all my years of piss taking I seem to have got my comeuppance. I was taking the dog out this morning and fell on our drive resulting in a fucking broken right arm. In a load of pain and in forty one years it's my first broken limb (radial head fracture, I know all the lingo me). I'm typing this with one finger, because in the true spirit of Reg I thought the Reg LU lot could do with some comic relief with all the misery they have been put through in recent history.


I hope you still walked the dog.
Frazier Cranium

Ouch 2.

Dock, you really are over-estimating the relevance of your LU pisstaking, I can say hand on heart you do not matter at all, in the slightest, when it comes to football.  Plus we all know you're Alan Smith's bum chum because he signed for your team all those years ago

Sorry you're hurt mate, hope you have a speedy recovery.

And get a dog walker. Pronto.

If it makes you feel better, our car not-so-gracefully slid down our driveway today on black ice as we left for the American footie game. A bit scary.

Luckily there was no-one going past or several of the airbags might have been deployed. *

* The Grindstress' airbag did deploy for several minutes.

Get well soon, if only for the sake of the dog.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

Sorry to hear that pal - get well soon!

And I don't class that as karma instant or otherwise.

It might have been instant karma if you'd just Tweeted a derisive comment about LUFC's latest disaster whilst in the supermarket and then Imre Varadi or John Lukic had smacked into your trolley with theirs thus trapping your fingers in agony

You did it in the morning and you are back typing on here at 4:30pm. Which A&E did you go to!!!

Must say it was bad yesterday. Took the dog out onto the fields. All our estate was black ice and all the paths I go on over the slag heaps at the back of us was the same (the slag heaps are now a country park and all landscaped). Nearly went arse over tit a few times. Which is a bummer as I researched which were the best grip walking boots and they are a pile of shite.

At least you have your other hand for....erm.....doing stuff.

Just imagine I have posted an image of a laughing Greyhound.
Late Doors

If there is such a thing as karma I'm rather of the mind there are other things lurking in that sordid muck 'ole of a debauched past of yours a tad more worthy of spiritual retribution than dissing the mighty whites. Bad luck anyway ol' chap, gives you a break from the washing up anyway eh?

I've done that one. Playing five-a-side. When I was about your age actually.

Hurt like fuck for a couple of days - but loads better within a week. Make sure you get some physio though or the tendons will tighten up and you won't be able to extend your elbow properly.

Try and avoid hoovering or doing the washing up for the next ten years - just in case of a relapse.



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