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I'm not sure why the inconsistencies of this weren't blindingly obvious to me before, but the following was highlighted during the Pope's recent jolly to the USA.

Republicans: Want to deny access to abortion in any form, but are more than happy to put as many prisoners on Death Row as possible.

Democrats: Basically the polar opposite on both issues.

Obviously, such an argument is (and should be) far more nuanced than "don't kill:kill" and "kill:don't kill" but it was quite surreal to see the two parties in Congress yesterday selectively cheering or stonewalling the sanctity of life bits of the Pope's speech.

Weird country.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

The Pope's all for saving the planet and improving lives by acknowledging the science of climate change but is schtum about the saving the planet and improving lives by accepting the science of condoms and contraceptives

Most abortions are avoidable tragedies but surely more contraception means less abortions/hungry mouths/pollution-spewing-eating-machines
Late Doors

It's about power and control. The ones who have it want to keep it by manipulating "Gods Words", which in the main are good words representing all aspects of humanity in all their ambiguity. They pick and apply selectively the ones that suit their control needs. Whenever ordinary people especially poor ordinary people have control over their own lives they want to take their power away from them by labeling it blasphemous or immoral while they continue to orally populate swine with their powerful and  privileged genitalia. They then of course want the ultimate control over lives  and death and will find some ambiguous passage in the scriptures to justify it. Nothing wrong with religion, its quite a beautiful thing, just the bastards who own it. Forum Index -> Life in the fish bowl
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