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Iggy Pop

Listen to or read his John Peel lecture. Brilliant.

That’s pretty damn good FC. Thanks for posting it. My favourite quote is: “Comparative information is a key to freedom”.

And as advice about life this takes some beating:

“What you gotta do you gotta do, life's a hurly-burly, so I would say try hard to diversify your skills and interests. Stay away from drugs and talent judges. Get organized. Big or little, that helps a lot.”

Pure coincidence but I’ve got The Stooges ‘Fun House’ album on in the car today. A seriously excellent long-player if you ask me........I know you won't.
Late Doors

sweating lunatic Iggy Pop with some sage advice on life

I'm pleased he's stopped taking his clothes off now. He used to look like he was wearing a very old wrinkled brown shirt and then you realised it was his skin. Forum Index -> Life in the fish bowl
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