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Iggy at 70

I love the man! 6music have been celebrating his 70th birthday (which was on Friday). All The Stooges stuff is fantastic (Fun House is one of my favourite albums, nothing like it before or since) and I like his solo stuff, I'm not an Iggy expert and couldn't vouch for knowing all his work but he's a living legend. I was listening to his Iggy Confidential show last Friday teatime and he still has enthusiasm for music and a, er, Lust For Life. Top man!

Late Doors

Check out Raw Power as well. Yep he is ace on the radio. A mate of mine saw him in London back in teh '70s and got back to his hotel for a party. He got talking to the man himslef who asked him what he thought of the show. My mate told him he was a bit loud only to be then pinned up against the wall by his throat by a very irate Iggy. If someone hadn't dragged him off he would have punched him my mate says. Punched by Iggy wouldn't be too bad though would it?

I'm glad he doesn't get his tits out any more.

Those last two posts made me laugh! I agree about the Raw Power album. All the Stooges stuff still stands today. There is a great half hour interview that 6music's Mary Anne Hobgoblin has done with Iggy on iplayer. Great musings on his philosophies on life and where he's at now. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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