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What a crock of shit.

Other than that - speechless
Late Doors

I was just going to post and ask if anybody wanted to waste any thoughts, words or fucks they might want to give about them.

Raheem Sterling.
Late Doors

They said Sterling would plummet, they were right

boom boom, soz like

sheeps wrote:
Raheem Sterling.

If Larry Grayson had been a footballer he would have played like this useless twonk.

Probably got more crosses in.
Late Doors

Ahh but putting crosses in was Harry Kane's job wasnt it ? especially from set pieces. Well that and blasting free kicks into the crowd

That free kick was really shocking. I think that's the moment when all hope went.

Rooney played in the second half like his tea had been spiked. He was like a golfer with the yips. Painful to watch.

I think we over-estimate the ability of our best players. Many are playing their club football with skilful - er - immigrants who make them look better than they actually are.

I note that Iceland's new manager is also a qualified dentist. Maybe we could find a football-loving optician for our lot.

It was appalling to watched and a embaressement

Even more so because or the two years building up to this we actually looked like an up and coming young team full of talent.

What we saw was some light weighters who aren't prepapred to roll up their sleeves and battle when the going gets tough. Instead continue with those moments of individuality which, at best, gets a corner and at worse sod all.

What ahs happened to that English warrier, the Robsons and Pearces of this world.

RIP English football on the world stage. We are confined to decades of heartbreak and frustration.

But at least the wankers in charge at the FA can talk a good talk. Forum Index -> All other football
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