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Late Doors

I, Daniel Blake

Mike Leigh's latest slice of British Ordinariness except the ordinary has been lowered these days to levels that should not be acceptable to anyone. For sure he takes circumstances, actuality and  events to unfortunate lengths to make a story but the mundane that exists in the social stratas he depicts is simply not film worthy.

It's been a long long time since I was poor or signing on. Same with my friends and family and virtually everyone I come across. In all honesty I have no idea about the life of the unemployed these days or the hardships of people. Huddersfield is a long way off being a shitole or on its arse like some of our neighbours so I have to rely on news or second hand reports about the lifestyles and events the films portrays. I do not know anybody suffering the circumstances the film characters endure but as one review said. " It takes a special kind of arrogance to think  they don't exist".

Welfare cuts and benefit qualifications have been scythed down to a brutal level. Always there is a line and people narrowly either side of it. What is best? A few pisstakers or swathes of honest decent people deprived of work through no fault of their own and literally dumped out of society, caught between these despicable and downright evil policies.

This film depicts the worst of austerity government where arbitrary lines and targets are drawn with no management of the marginal. Some people are on the wrong side, people like Daniel Blake and his friend evicted from her London flat to be transported up North.

Horrible film but a necessary film and not without its humour and humanity. Anyone coming out of it without at least a bit of anger is not right.

I'd like to see this and I've heard a lot about it. The current benefit system is something that I have a lot of experience with through the job I do and its a total fuck up. The company ATOS* who were doing all the reviews of benefit claimants over the last few years, contracted out by the government, have made a right arse out of it all and its a total fucking mess. Yes, get rid of the false claimants but No, don't penalise individuals and families who deserve help from the benefit system.

* One of the men who has an interest in ATOS, the company that landed the massive contract from the government was the Best Man at George Osbourne's wedding. Nice when you can help you're friends eh. Cunts!
Late Doors

The film depicts the people that work for ATOS but doesn't blame them at all. I shows them as decent people also desperate for work effectively forced to work for shithouse companies like ATOS and having to enforce as decently as they can the shithouse rules and regulations imposed on them. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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