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Hunslet Business Park, Leeds.

Went today to pick up a parcel from City Link couriers. I did more wrong turns than Leb on a journey to the end of his street. Ten mile round trip for a bloody paperback that Amazon in their wisdom put in an A4 envelope that wouldn't go through my door. FFS! That is all.
Late Doors

Sympathize with you, Iíve had nothing but bother with mail order deliveries over the years. Iím certain they just bomd round in a little car or motor bike putting calling cards in the letter box during the day while you are at work saying they tried to deliver but you were out and you have to collect it. Sounds like amazon monkey business park to me *ponders lame gag* *hangs head in shame*  

I wouldn't have minded but the paperback I had to pick up was called: City Link Distribution Centres in the UK (revised edition with updated Hunslet map). The Irony.
Pond Life

I used to know a chap that worked for City Link, they called it Shitty Link. They called DHL Documents Hopelessly Lost. Forum Index -> Strange plaices
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