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Huddersfield (h) championship 2013/14

Normally this game prompts rare pre match nerves. Pacing about the house and more recently a dull dread of yet another cave in. What is normal at Leeds United these days? There were long periods on Saturday morning when i actually forgot who we were playing such is the ongoing soap opera at the club. I swear Vic and Bob could not write anything more preposterous and in all likelihood not as funny. Then we have the cross section of fans and their assorted opinions on the matter, ranging from the informed and intelligent to indifference and downright intolerable.

Talking of cross section a good slice gathered in Tapped for pre match ale on Stripe's birthday. Had a chat with some town fans i recognised and all in all a splendid two hours in fab company. Football isn't that bad is it.

The Kaiser chiefs in the ground were telling me they were talking to some town fans pre game who said their team was in disarray. Really, is there anyone who can out disarray us? Certainly not town with their center forward options and back four uncertainty. I think we could show the England cricket team   a thing or two about disarray.

So, a good crowd and atmosphere for this rare and hopefully repeated 3pm kick off saw town kick off and Pearce found paddy with a headed back pass. Brian Mc chants rang out and  Murphy produced a nice touch before a muted chant suggesting our potential European owner should leave the club. All a bit premature but that seems to be the name of the game. Kebe made a bad touch but a quick one  two into the box ended with Stewart side footing wide for a lively opening.

The wind picked up, Warnock hit a loose ball into touch and town pressed. Your not fit to run the club came the chant but again not fully realised. As usual opinion is divided amongst the fans but meanwhile town began to take hold of the game.

Kebe slipped Ross through and the captains cross evaded everybody. Stewart followed with another cross but town were bossing midfield. Byram had to make a terrific last ditch block to deny them before another good chance for them went begging. We tried to break but wasted the possession and back came town. This time we were saved by the post. By this time our early bluster had well and truly subsided. Byram made another terrific stop following another town attack.

The one time we did break Stewart lost the ball. Id been losing the plot a bit for a few minutes by then and screamed at him to run back calling him an unpleasant name in the process. He didn't and sure enough the break brought the goal.

We mustered a riposte through Sam and Kebe to get a corner. Murphy followed with a lame cross. Austin made a run to ironic shouts of shoot before kebe put in a cross that was almost successfully met by Ross. At least we were putting the effort in and when you do that there is still hope. Kebe was typical, still trying but the end product weak.

"He's Ross McCormack he don't wanna play" sang the away fans. A lost ball in midfield was won back and Ross hit just wide. Moments later a ball into the box fell loose for Ross to scoop in for the equaliser and a little  response to his tormentors. Half time came seconds later and perfectly timed.

How many games have changed dramatically from one half to the other? Lots. You wouldn't think the wind which would be behind us for the second half would be a factor at this level. I still can't believe it was.

Kebe started the half with a blatant dive rightfully ignored and Pearce overhit a pass. Kebe broke forward in space and delivered a poor cross but it looked like the team had suddenly gained confidence and advanced a good two yards further up the field in all positions as town dropped back.

We moved the ball through the middle, a back heel from Ross slipped Kebe through to deftly chip the advancing keeper to put us 2-1 up.

We were on the attack again, Ross again, this time the cross going straight to the keeper as WAL rang out around the ground. Town managed to hit back with a dangerous cross across the goal and the crowd of 31103 was announced. They continued and put a shot wide. This game was still in the balance, more balls into the box followed and a couple of poor wasted shots till the 60th minute when they made a sub.

Immediately we went onto the attack. Austin breaking and putting wide just before a fine run and cross from the right begged to be put in by Ross and we were 3-1 up. From then on the result was never really in doubt even by our erratic standards.  Austin cut in and had the shot saved for a corner that we put just wide. Murphy was doing everything Norwood was doing in the first half. Kebe grew in stature and surged forward but his final ball was blocked for a throw. Stewart was also getting in on the action his good break ending  with a cleared cross. The next ball in from the wing swung across the goal mouth to find Ross who promptly hit it straight back in off the post, 4-1 and a hat trick for the man who dunt wanna play.

Town took the new lad from Bradford off and immediately hit a shot straight at paddy. MOT rang out and Rudy picked up a yellow card for a foul right in front of the linesman and subdued town fans. A lofted ball down the middle saw their keeper and center half collide and Mowatt lob the ball neatly into the unguarded net for a sweet 5-1.  The previous 4 joyous celebrations replaced now by an almost comical relief. Football's ace said Pieman.

Murphy fired a shot over the bar and our old fiend Clayton rattled our bar with a fine shot. That only served to draw attention to himself as various chants went his way that he acknowledged with a smile.

We finished the game somewhat showboating. A couple of token subs and a safe passing period to chants of we're taking the piss and it was full time. A result no one expected but what can you expect in this crazy world of Leeds United

Thanks LD.

Only seen the highlights, but I thought the finishing was top notch.

Kebe took his goal well - although he looks like a tackle from Kylie might hurt him.

Couldn't understand why Austin attempted a spear tackle on McCormack after his third goal. Don't think R Mc could either.

We cannot afford to damage him.

R Mc also spoke very well when interviewed on the telly.

Thanks. An article largely about Leeds and football are rare these days. Forum Index -> Leeds
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