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Late Doors

Huddersfield Away

Well it's that time again. Not quite the frothing frenzy of past encounters and it seems to have become more of a routine fixture but it is still an exciting game 'round these 'ere hills.

Vaughn their star man has got himself banned which as my mate Pieman ruefully said might get us a nil nil draw, which i'd take now.
Frazier Cranium

Yeah, I'd be satisfied with a draw but our lot might be confident after the Brum win.

Hope we've been doing a bit of altitude training
smiling badger

Have a feeling that we may just edge this game and come away with a win.
Late Doors

That would be very agreeable

oh well!
smiling badger

Sounded like a typical Derby game.
Missed a couple of sitters which is a shame.
And still letting goals past us.
The new guy scoring on his debut was a plus i suppose.
Late Doors

Only football exerts the kind of superstition normally scorned. Same routine as last season, same route, same bacon sarny at the same cafe. Bumped into Batley Kev again on the way as well to cement the certainty of another win. Well so much for superstition. A least I can try a pie next season instead of the bacaon sarny for it is almost certain we will be repeating the fixture

MDM already ensconced as I took my position to the right of the 18 yard box half way back. Looking around it seems Town have lost a couple of thousand fans over the year. Certainly the few hundred nutters usually to our right were missing and the gaps at the ends of the sides suggested so.

3-5-2 line up again much to my disappointment, wrong time wrong place in my opinion but bmac knows best. We kicked off attacking the opposite end with Matt Smith easily winning two early headers. He also met the corner resulting from the second to put us 1-0 up within  a couple of minutes and incredibly it seemed we could actually dominate this game.

Ross broke up Towns response with a blatant foul but Rudy was in well with a legitimate one followed by an easy back pass to Paddy who looked for the missing left back to collect his throw. All looked well. Ross wasted a pass after a quick sneaky free kick and Smith turned on a half chance but scuffed his shot wide. The home crowd silenced and the Leeds fans in great voice we looked completely in charge. Town did break but Lees was in well to recover for a corner. Two town players raced for the short one followed by our defenders leaving acres of space at the edge of the box where their unmarked midfielder collected the corner, picked his spot and hammered in the equaliser for a  great finish but the softest of set pieces.

Smithies in goal for town fumbled a cross and we sensed panic on the defence that we should have exploited. It was Town who became the more buoyant side with our back three unable to find a passing way out of defence. Ross collected a high ball well and bore on goal only to scuff his shot with a messy finish wide. A follow through tackle earned us a yellow card after Wooton swept up an attack. The same defender finding touch with an attempted clearance seconds later that only emphasised our degrading passing game.

Smith was doing well as target man but his feeds wide were wasted by our inability to get decent following crosses in. Rudy playing an advanced role got a lucky free kick which we wasted with another poor pass. Pearce and Paddy combined well to end an attack but Town were beginning to get their movement and passing working in direct contrast to ours. Our fluency disappeared but we were able to win a free kick through Ross that Smith headed wide. Paddy tipped a curling shot over the bar, Rudy was slow to collect the clearance out and was robbed but the shot was thankfully wide again. By now frustration was taking over. We looked like a team of strangers whilst Town although only average themselves looked like they could swamp us. Only a terrific Pearce last gasp challenge saved the second goal.

Ross gave the ball away again, his game seemed to crumble as he seemed to look more and more for free kicks rather than Leeds shirts. He won a fortunate free kick that found Byram only for the Goalkeeper to collect the half pass half shot. Every time we looked like we could get it together we spoiled it, this time with Mowatt finding touch instead of a team mate as more frustration set in. Town were picking up our mistakes and hitting us especially in the left back space with a cut in and shot rolling wide.  Byram made a dreadful pass way too short for Ross. The lad made a hash of a free kick seconds later followed by a booking for Warnock frustrated he didn't get a free kick for a challenge on himself. The half couldn't end soon enough as we looked completely void of inspiration, leaving balls for each other and no one taking charge. Thankfully it did end leaving us hoping for change in the second half

Meanwhile The Strokes Last night was lighting up the stadium as ex Town player Dave Cowling came onto the pitch to be interviewed. He's been dining out in the town ever since his winner against us in the 80's. His girth suggesting rather too much as well.

Town made the first foray of the new half only to be called off side. We responded gaining a corner that Pearce beat Smith to only for his header to be wayward ."Get that 50 pence piece off your shoulders" someone shouted from behind. Regretfully the theme of the first half was beginning to repeat. We couldn't play it out of defence and back it came.

Byram won well and made a wide run to collect the return that didn't come. No one was guiltier of taking wrong options than Ross. Warnock did prise a way through but the keeper halted the danger for Town. It was Town who went close next with a header as again we couldn't clear. Ross again ignored a Warnock run wide and chose to keep the ball. Smith cut in from right and his semi scuffed shot rolled just wide as we at last looked liked we were in the assurgency. A fantastic passing move into the box led to an absolute sitter for Luke Murphy that he incredibly rolled wide. We followed up with more pressure. A Rudy side foot shot blocked for a corner after good work from Ross to find him. Ross then fell to the floor after another run into the box looking for the pen that didn't come. Town broke, crossed and the ball somehow found the back of the net maybe from our own defender to put us 1-2 down in another pivotal  few seconds of the game. We had only ourselves to blame  for we were again looking good only for us to let ourselves down with slackness and carelessness. Minutes later the game could have been over has Paddy  was rounded again after our poor play but the angled shot hit the post. However we did respond well with Murphy tussling well to win the ball but no options on for him having won the ball. Our new loan signing Dexter Blackstock came on for Murphy as we won a free kick. His first touch was to glance in the equaliser and again it looked like the game could be won. Two more hopeful pen appeals were turned down one after a push on Blackstock and another when Ross could have used the ball instead of falling. To make matters even worse town scored from the resulting break to put them incredibly 3-2 up. Three goals all made and created by our own deficiencies and all from positions when we had the game to be won despite our mediocrity. Despair had set in now even though we were trying to take the game to Town. Byram chipped into the box to find Smith who headed wide but the young lad looked absolutely knackered (Byram). Ross again brought the ball into the box but couldn't use it as ten minutes zipped by. Our last chance was a cross from Warnock that went too deep and that was that, game over.

We had a mate come up from Cheltenham who we took for a drink. Avoiding the Town center we went to the Rat n Ratchet. The three of us and three Town fan friends sat down and discussed the game. They expected nothing from the game and were obviously delighted but realistic enough to know as we were that we shall meet once again next season. That will be most agreeable. Football fans somehow seem to get awful press. 18 thousand plus there yesterday and maybe 100 who wanted to fight. The rest just happy to get on with it with rivalry and banter but after it all a few pints in a great pub with great company.
Frazier Cranium

Fantastic write-up, thanks LD.  I declined the chance to go, as i mentioned to you last week, mainly because lunchtime kick-offs just fuck-up my weekends amd I'm too old to enjoy that now

The game SOUNDED good and exciting on Radio Leeds, but reports since have varied from 'unlucky to lose' right down to abysmal, McDermott fcked up and McCormack should be shot or dropped or both, along with Rodolph Austin.  THIS place, though not a LU forum as such, seems to be the best one for getting reasoned and un-bile-ful reports.  Thanks again for that.
Late Doors

Well it was exciting, not "good" though. At times I though we got in each others way, not comfortable with the roles in the formation, no one bossing. Poor ball control and passing options, the things that have improved this season just weren't there

Cheers M, best write up I had read this weekend.

Ever the optimist, it is still early  
Kingmaker of Lilliput

As I mentioned on Twitter LD, Chelmsford not Cheltenham Forum Index -> Leeds
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