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Made in the fashion of all these gloomy Scandinavian detective series in what seems to be half way between colour and B&W.

Except it's set in Wales. Dialog half in English and half in Welsh (with subtitles) which keeps you on your toes.

Lead character is another troubled loner with a past, supported by loyal female deputy and harassed by unsympathetic boss.

Won't do a lot for tourism in Aberystwyth. Lots of bleak moors and mountains, ruined farm buildings and moody looking sheep.

Most of the villains are haunted unshaven loners in woolly hats, generally driving white vans. Look out for them if you're in Mid-Wales.

BBC4 on Mondays. Worth watching.

Sounds good that. Might try to catch up with it.
Frazier Cranium

Is there any fanny in it?

Frazier Cranium wrote:
Is there any fanny in it?

In Wales? There are two women who both remain clothed, but lots of naked sheep Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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