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How did you circumvent the previously watertight REG-istration procedures, David?
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

clacker wrote:
David Beckham wrote:
Mr Clacker, I am sat here with Victoria, I'd rather not discuss her.



Ever thought of playing for Wimbledon, David?

You'd make a good Womble ...

yeah - what are your thoughts on jack hargreaves you piscine overtly leftfooted himbo?

Your latest range of fish fingers - What do they taste of?  

Thought they'd taste of Posh!

ba bum - I thank you!

-------------->trundles off
smiling badger

Hello Dave

May i call you Dave, or is it only friends and family that call you by that name?

What other rubbish have you been trying to selll on Ebay ?

Woof, woof,woof, grrrrrrr, woof

sheeps wrote:
Woof, woof,woof, grrrrrrr, woof

What you saying? Bearing's fallen off the roof and needs rescuing? He fell on some wheat?    You tried biting his neck but
it didn't seem to help?

Well at least you tried. Good dog.

Thank Sheeps, you're my hero. Forum Index -> New Reggiestrations
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