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Late Doors

Heart Of Darkness, Joseph Conrad

Third read of this shortish but seminal novel and the first thing I've read on the kindle, downloaded free like many classics as already mentioned on here. I am now a convert, an ace piece of technology. Anyway this book and the film Apocalypse Now for me are interminably wound and perhaps uniquely, enhance each other. Possibly my all time greatest film i can not watch it without thinking of the book and vice versa. Both impressions enrich the other. Some of the films more abstract pieces only make sense by reading the book especially the last twenty minutes whilst the films atmospheric riverside and jungle sequences lift the books river journey into the Heart Of Darkness to Kurtz. You can very easily see where Coppola got his fantastic visions from.

The book, although short can be a tricky read. It starts as a story told on a boat by a seaman to some other passengers. Virtually the whole book is reminisces of his African journey to them but very occasionally comes back to the original setting on the boat. It confused me anyway on my first read all those years back in pre war pre Yugoslavia. It is still an eerie and classy piece of literature
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

they made us read it at school - found it heavy going and couldn't share the teacher's enthusiasm for the genius of it. If ONLY she'd had us watch Apocalypse Now alongside it we wouldve appreciated and understood it better

I tried to read HOD a few years ago as I'd heard it was the inspiration for Apocalypse Now but I think because I was such a fan of the film I didn't give the book enough of a chance and I only read a third of it. I should have perservered with it shouldn't I.

Re: Kindle. I agree LD. After my initial uninformed blanket-slagging of it I'm a total convert. This year out of twelve books I have read eight have been ebooks.

Nostromo is a good read.

Read half of this, I will never finish it. Dull as fuck.

Watched this at the weekend

Good doc in it's own right, on Netflix in the states, seems to me Milius had more to do with it that Copolla if that makes sense. Seems Hollywood had repeatedly tried to do Heart Of Darkness and failed until he came up with a script.
Frazier Cranium

Read the book on hol recently.  i can see some quality in it but I was pretty bored with it all as well.  Considering how long ago it was written, it ain't half bad overall, and I'm well impressed at how they managed to make a classic like apocalypse Now oot of it.
Late Doors

Ha Ha, teld you it was a tricky read. Maybe could do with a few more Zombie serial killers and unconventional Cops with issues who do it their way. And some adverts. Nice to hear from you again Foz btw

Add the fact that English wasn't his first language. Secret Agent is also good. Forum Index -> Fishy Tales
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