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He could play that guitar just like a ringing a bell

R.I.P. Chuck Berry.

No Particular Place to Go will forever remain in my top 10.  Inspired me to take up the guitar.Although I never progressed far beyond three chords.

Reputedly a miserable bugger in real life but with a back catalogue like his he can be as miserable as he likes imo.
Late Doors

There are probably a handful, maybe more of people you could say were the king of Rock n Roll, invented it etc. He has probably the biggest stake in my opinion anyway. Just a massive legend and what a privilege to see him live in Portland Oregon '88. Pure chance as well. Thought we'd get a 20 minute medley kind of thing and we'd've been thankful for that but we got a rollicking full on show no holds barred that probably ranks as my favourite gig ever. Saw him after the show as well. It was an outdoor gig in the piazza and he got straight into a big car at the side of the stage. Two ladies at the side of him and a big Briefcase on his lap which was apparently full of cash for the gig and off they shot with him not looking too miserable I have to say Forum Index -> Sink or Swim
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