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Has anybody else noticed.......

............that there is a massive shortfall in the choice of beers in 500ml (pint n' that) cans in supermarkets compared to the choice in corner shops and convenience stores? The supermarkets tend to sell the 440ml cans but not the 500ml? Always a bit more apparent to me in the summer months as I go off my usual real ales for lagers as an at-home tipple. And another thing that the convenience stores and smaller retailers have is overall choice with bitter and lagers. Ok I agree supermarkets present customers/pissheads with a great range of real ales but to say they have a full aisle to stock they don't offer much of owt else by way of a large choice of lager and bitter. They sell that Guinness smoothflow shite but I have to go to a corner shop for the far superior Guinness Original? And despite a supermarket chain's buying power, the smaller shops are far cheaper in my experience. Mad!

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