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Late Doors


Never stopped the night in the place before but visited many times over the years. Thought we’d have a weekend there last weekend. Arrived Friday afternoon and came back Sunday morning. Harrogate to me is a mix of Yorkshire wealth in its varied formats from stinking rich ancestral through rough arse building success to North Yorks Mafiosi living side by side with rural rag arse. I’ve heard people say it makes Brighouse look like Serenity Bay on weekend nights but it all looked calm and civilised while we were there.

It was MrsDs birthday treat, a weekend away anywhere in Europe, she chose Harrogate, i suggested Burnley but was not taken up on the offer. We got there Friday afternoon and checked into our smart hotel just out of town we picked up on a fab internet deal months ago.

Then it was out and about for a perusal around town as night fell around tea time and the shoppers were dashing around in that last minute panic they have. I’m afraid i can’t give a run down on many pubs as i’m still off the grog. I had a celebrity moment though when i got spotted and accosted outside some shop whilst MrsD was inside looking for something or other. “Pat” “Pat” some crusty type shouted to me and held his hand out ready to shake. *what the fuck you doing here?”   “Where’s the band” he shouted. I looked around for Jeremy Beadle lurking around and i told him  “err i haven’t a clue” he laughed as if id just told him id bitten the head off a bat and went on his way shouting stuff at me. As if all that wasn’t bizarre enough and in a complete reversal of normality a well to do women walked out of a shop and asked HIM if HE had a light for her. He stopped lit her fag and walked on. She walked towards me and winked. Weird. By that time i was famished having not had anything since the morning Banana. So what’s a man supposed to do in such cases other than hit the pie shop. A butchers called Farmers Food Supplies for one of the best growlers I've ever had, drooltastic

Harrogate is one of the most handsome towns in Britain, only the absence of a river running through it prevents it being perfect and wandering about it occurred to me that maybe the recession has forgotten it has to haunt everywhere.

I've already told you about the Orchid Restaurant we went to on Friday night. I am still wincing at the experience. It was an early night that night and a very inactive one at that

Saturday saw us rise mega early and we hit the streets about half eight with the intention of going into Bettys for brekky. Not likely though, it was already chocca so we decided to walk around until noon when we’d get some dinner. It was also a chance to take some piccies in the fabulous winter sun that drenched the town’s magnificent architecture in a smouldering glow.

Thought i might spot Craggers in here

So we took in the all the classy housy shops and clothes shops looking for the elusive winter coat i apparently still need. Wandered around the mews and the quaint Montpellier district, around the outskirts of town, through the park and finally into a fab little bar come cafe called Blues for proper homemade soup and rolls. Then some more aimless wanderings, more coffee, an irresistible visit to HMV (Bombay bicycle club and  Band Of Horses two for a tenner) and finally a visit to Waterstones checking on the availability of some book or other that is taking the region by storm. It was nowhere to be seen.

The only pub we went into was the uber posh wetherspoons, actually outposhing the one in Wilmslow. Thought i might catch a few Leeds fans in there returning from Burnley but it was all pre theatre and rugby union lads in black tie attire.

Finally to round the night off we’d booked a table at a place called LE D2, very fair indeed and a nice relaxed vibe about the place. I had a fish platter nicely cooked but spoiled a little by being drenched in a cheesy sauce. The home made chips were a side dish that i couldn’t resist and were exactly what it said on the tin. MrsD had a sea bass, crispy skinned and tender flesh. While i haven’t been drinking I've developed a sweet tooth somehow that i cannot remember ever having before so i dived into some fudge filled profiteroles. The night in there finished abruptly when i asked the waiter why the place was called Le D2, Was it some kind of Text Speak for Leeds. No he said its because the owners are two men Dave and Damien. Well i couldn’t resist could i? i was just about to go into Little Britain mode (the sketch with the Womens institute women) and i looked at him and looked at Mrsd. Gulped a little before she butted in, “Any way can we have the Bill” she said and glared at me with that don’t you fecking dare look and we had to scarper pronto

So that was that, Harrogate, apart from a visit to Waitrose on Sunday and a little drive around North Leeds area spotting potential areas to re locate one day we headed back west. For the record i cannot see us leaving West Hudders For North Leeds. It just didn’t feel right at all and i would rather live in Beirut than have a Bradford post code

Nice report LD.

My nan and grandad used to go there for holidays. They were from Gateshead so it was the Deep South to them.

Always used to meet up with them for afternoon tea in Harlow Carr Gardens.

There was a good venue for bands there for a while. Used to get the bus up Harrogate Road from Moortown. Always missed the end of the gig as we had to catch the last one back at 11:00.
Late Doors

We Love Harlow Carr Gardens.

Re nan n grandad going there for holidays

Harrogate is on the list for one of my jaunts up north with Mrs C.

Some lovely skies in those pics.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

Used to enjoy a saturday night out in the 'Gate - a few decent bars and clubs and plenty of ruddy-faced monied farmers daughters who looked on me as being positively cosmopolitan. Blues Bar was a favourite as was Montey's for live music

All in the past now as my wingmen are all married and settled down with babies and mortgages

Great pictures LateDoors and a few places I've not heard of.... that Wetherspoon's is palatial though

Next time you go try the big Chinese restaurant round the other side of Wetherspoons in the old Royal Baths

THanks LD, never thought I'd read anything that actually makes me want to go to Harrogate. Had some great nights there over the years, usually on the back of some conference things and I've been to the Turkish baths a couple of times and once had my bare back flayed with twigs.

me and the wife and kids were in harrogate fifteen years ago. it was market day or something. i bought a tin of toffee. yum.

Can't stand the place. Apart from the pics LD posted, its a sterile, identity-bereft characterless town with limited shopping and rubbish pubs. Do yourself a favour and get the train to the next stop on the line, Knaresborough. Its worth it just to see the viaduct. That is all.

How big is this viaduct Dock?

bearing wrote:
How big is this viaduct Dock?

There is a half size one in Essex.

sheeps wrote:
bearing wrote:
How big is this viaduct Dock?

There is a half size one in Essex.

Not too big then in reality?
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

Remember hearing some standup take the piss out of Harrogate .... its so posh there the teenagers dont get crabs they catch lobster... they dont even slurp their tea out of the saucer, they even get out of the bath to have a wee etc etc

I'm popping across tomorrow to this place for some posh Christmas goodies.

Good place the Gate esp. that Spoonies, amazing place for a boozer. Been to a few pubs and restaurants over the years, used to see DO'L there back in the day along with a few other players who all lived nearby.

good pitch n' putt at the park, plus outdoor table tennis tables, took my youngest in summer hols and give him a good whipping.

bigbone wrote:
good pitch n' putt at the park, plus outdoor table tennis tables, took my youngest in summer hols and give him a good whipping.

What about the table tennis you sadistic mad bastard?  Forum Index -> Strange plaices
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