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Guardian Article about Ken Loach

Totally agree with all KL's quotes in this article. I love the one about Quality Street. The weak and soulless responses from the Beeb enforce his point in my opinion.
Frazier Cranium

Watched 'Hidden Agenda' the other night, hadn't even heard of it before.  A proper cultural treasure is Ken Loach.
Frazier Cranium

The 'spokeswoman' isn't really giving a good argument against Loach's opinions on social drama and the like.

That isn't to say I'd agree 100% with him.  Tell you what though, if Labour are convinced that the BBC is consistently so biased against them (which sounds very similar to Tory supporters' claims too, oddly enough, and UKIP's and probably Mourinho's too) then they should create their own TV station/channel.  Or have they already done that?
Late Doors

It should be the priotity of the nations No1 media channel to hold any goverment to account, to question them and show everybody what they are doing. They should have every right to make both major parties feel they are biased against them. Its their duty. It isnt a Lab/Con thing its democracy in action and sadly its being eroded step by step. Sadly if and when we ever get a Labour goverment they wont do anything to reverse the sterilisation either. They will simply replace key people with their own to take over the goverment propoganda.

Will read the link laters, cheers for posting it. Ken Loach is indeed a cultural treasure Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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