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Grouty - Dead

Actor Peter Vaughan. Aged 93. A long lifer! R.I.P.

I'm sure he did much more than Porridge, but that's how I'll remember him too  - I named (not to his face) my first "proper" big boss out of college after him. *

RIP Grouty

* To be fair, that wasn't the worst nickname I've given to one of my bosses. My immediate boss at the same company was Cunty Bollocks. **

** And he was.

He was in loads. Great actor. I was surprised to lean he was in Game Of Thrones.

If you wanted someone to play a cockney gangster, ogre or nazi general, he was your man.
Late Doors

Best role for me was as the dad in Our Friends in the North, certainly as far as impact and memorableness goes (is that a word?). That bit to his son played by Chris Eccleston about non violence and the ballot box was so powerful. Come to think about it everything he played left an imprint without dominating the show which I suppose is the mark of a great supporting actor. Forum Index -> Sink or Swim
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