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toxic avenger

Greetings Grapple Fans


Talking of grappling Macho Man Randy Savage died yesterday.
Foo Whiter

RIP the Macho Man great to watch back in the day also liked Mr Perfect who died & British Bull Dog who died. Take care Stone Cold Steve Austin I worry about you..

Ace thread TA.

My dad watched the wrestling commentated on by Kent Walton religously every Saturday afternoon. Les Kellett from t' Halifax was my favourite, funy as fuck, for a kid anyway.

Jackie Pallo, Mick McManus, Royle Brothers, Kendo Nagasaki. Ace.

*gets in t' half nelson*

Cry Baby Cooper        

Trapped by Kung Fu's powerfull toe's    
Late Doors

Donít forget Billy Two Rivers.
We were gutted as kids when they took the Wrestling off World of Sport/Grandstand because they said it was fake, corrupt and full of cheats. So instead we now have the purity of Football, Cricket, Cycling, Athletics and Snooker

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