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Great weekend

Leeds score apart, I've loved this weekend. Couple of decent walks in the snow with the wife. Spied a hawk doing it's thing. Watched plenty of football, ice hockey and my kid's basketball game. They got hammered but played great and enjoyed it.  Nice lengthy chat with my Ma who's in good spirits. Great chats with the kids. Sang along to Queen songs - can't even begin to explain then made the kids watch Stevie Riks on You Tube doing Freddie Mercury. Had a great natter with my eldest about her options in school and had to choke back tears when two of mine were trying to figure out the chords to one of my Favorited songs, BMX Bandits Serious Drugs on the ukeleles. Downloaded my young pal's album for my middle girl. Not really my thing but they are getting on good and I like to see good people get on. Band's called Mister Wives. Rounding it out with Woodchuck Winter Cider and the wife has that look in her eye says the night's not going to end peacefully....

I hope you've all enjoyed yours.

Don't quite understand that last bit. ;>)

Saturday morning did Parkrun in Coventry and had a chat with some of the guys I used to work with when i had a proper job. Saturday pm weekly shop. Evening - quiz at the Social Club. Came 4th. Out of 5.
Sunday - walk round Coombe Abbey grounds with Mrs FC and the dawg. Hacked away at various plants in the garden i don't like in the afternoon. Evening at the New Inn talking bollocks with Cliff, John and Trev. Came home a bit squiffy and annoyed people on Facebook.
Late Doors

Nice one Cuts, it's the small stuff that makes times special eh. Steady away last weekend for us. Unfortunately a few  matters are preventing us enjoying the full delights of the lengthening days, not least a touch of gout that rendered walking anywhere a bit of a challenge and has now established itself as a right bleeding twat and I can hardly walk at all.

Aye the game was a bit of a downer. It was a good game but to lose a two goal lead, albeit it a fortunate two goal lead was very disappointing. Much as i like Billy he isn't the lone front man he was asked to be. He tried, ran and worked but things weren't happening around him. Well apart from the Watford defence making them happen for him. Even at two up there was a belief in the Watford team that they could win the game. They had two excellent strikers and the no 20 behind them was absolutely running the game. They cut us through the middle quickly and easily. Bamba was gesticulating to Murphy all the time about something whilst Murphy looked like he had no idea what he was doing wrong. Me neither to be honest he was using the ball well but maybe he wasn't doing the defensive things he was supposed to be doing.
Just after half time we had a spell when we should have scored. Rudy fluffed a great chance and another two went close just after but the Watford regained their composure.

I thought we could have made a double sub and gone 442 with Antenucci coming on with Adryan and Mowatt going off as well. He looked spent did the lad and i think Lewis, Sam and Murphy are beginning to feel the strain. All good lads but we are asking them to do too much. We have no variation, we haven't even got the players to change things.
Then there is the eternal back four issue particularly in the middle. Haven't had the heart to watch the goals again but it looked like we gifted then the third and were caught flat footed for the other two.

On the plus side a blind man on a galloping horse can now see what type of players we need for next season and who we need to keep.

err yer anyway so the weekend, seemed to have slipped a match rep in there Big time of year for  garden duties. Thankfully i love it and would be towing away with hacksaws ladders sacotuers and other cutting instruments like fc

Been laid low has its advantages though. Musically i think I've cracked Gun Club's Mother Earth off and seeing Ryan Adams last week  inspired me to start learning Firecracker this weekend. Should have it nailed in a few days. Roll on next weekend, should be a bit fitter by then, maybe get the bike out for a 2015 maiden voyage Forum Index -> Life in the fish bowl
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