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Late Doors

Grassington-Linton-Kettlewell – The Dales

Had a splendid day in the Dales last weekend. Was going to go further North to Hawes in Swaledale but settled on Wharfedale instead. I know there are ace places all over the country but I think we are so lucky to have the beautiful Yorkshire Dales on our doorstep. For years now ive made it essential to go there at least twice a year, cycling, walking, fishing or just sauntering around as MrsD. and I did on Saturday.

Once you’re through the motorists’ nightmare that is Keighley Town and the Cyclists nightmare around Skipton its plain sailing up the B6265 to Grassington. Its fantastic just to be around the classic stone walling and Rolling Green hills of lower Wharfedale as you negotiate the narrow roads fur lined with road kill.

Parked up and wandered out of the car park and immediately heard some shrieking as I looked around and saw two cats chasing a little rabbit around. No one battered an eye lid except me who tried to shoo the cats away but was looked at like I was some towny twat come to sab the country fun. Not a good start as we headed into the village.   Cats are fecking evil aren’t they? They would surely eat you if they were big enough.

We were going to go on a long trek but the weather didn’t look too good so we planned on just a wander round. Luckily there was a “massive shoe sale” on in the village hall that provided the first respite when it started raining. Are you looking for anything sir? Asked the fella running the sale. “Christ no, I said, you’d better speak to my Shoe Purveyor, she looks after things like that as I beckoned towards MrsD. I’ve only come in from the rain”. They simply do not appreciate honesty do they?

Then back into the streets. Tragically we were a couple of weeks early for the Festival of Scarecrows in August so we consoled ourselves with some fish n Dirks as it was dinner time. A crowd of blokes were gathered outside a pub resplendent in walking gear and Fev Rovers rugby shirts all clutching pints. Looked all set for a 2:1 ratio of Pints and Miles.

Seems they have a parking problem in the village judging by all the signs outside peoples properties ranging from polite requests not to park to raging torrents of threatening abuse and paintwork damaging promises. Right friendly us Yorkshire folk tha’nos.

We had a stroll round the perimeter of the village taking in all the quaint cottage gardens, stone buildings and narrow lanes before heading back into the village and down to the river. Got to say that the stretch of the Wharfe between Grassington and Linton is one of my favourite places ever. I could stand on the bridge just above the crashing Linton Falls and just watch the river surge past all day. It really is soul cleansing to let the river rush under you and wash away all the bullshit corporate crap you endure from fakes during the week and fill you with a truer spirit. I find it inspiring anyroad.  

Spent a good hour there just roaming up and down the splendid River Wharfe. Walked back into the village along the road from Linton passed some beautiful riverside properties. Got to say it’s a bit of a dream of mine to live in a place like that next to a Yorkshire River in the dales close enough to commute to Leeds. It must be heaven.

Anyway back to reality as we returned to the village. By then wed decided to head a little further North To Kettlewell. Kettlewell is tiny village beautifully set again on the banks of the Wharfe nestled behind two picture perfect little bridges. Three very nice pubs the Bluebell and Racehorse and Kings Head are the main amenities together with a spar shop and old-fashioned garage straight out of Heartbeat run by the cast of Physchoville.  

Up here the river is a gentler shallower affair altogether and we had a little 2 mile stroll North and south of it taking in a little lane called Lovers Lane. You could tell what they mean by that by the used condoms spread along the place. Back into the village for a little walk around. The Blue Bell used to be an ace place for an overnight stop when freshly in the throes of Young Love. Can’t comment on what it is like these days.

The signs outside the houses warning about parking were more severe than Grassington with one in particular warning people not to bother about the Dog the owner will rip you to pieces if you park outside his house. Kin ell give me the Deighton Estate any time.

Anyway aside from rabid locals it was fantastic to be amongst such serene surroundings in Gods Own. Just the tonic to prepare for another season of grief, heartache and disappointment   .

A lovely part of the world, I love it up there.
Robert Robinson

Trivia Tea Break...

Stopped at the Blue Bell for my 30th.

The garage in Kettlewell featured in Calendar Girls and is noted for appearing in a scene with helen mirren in the foreground and my good friend Robert Kershaw (drummer of the Psycho Surgeons) appearing as an extra in the background with his young son strapped to his back.

When I was 16 spent a week cycling round the Dales staying in Youth Hostels, loved it.

I only live 18 miles from Grassington now and my house is less than 200 yards from the river Wharfe.

Agreed, many great boyhood memories of Kettlewell in particular and early exposure to Mackeson and the phenomena of black sick.

Re: Grassington-Linton-Kettlewell – The Dales

Late Doors wrote:
Sauntering around as MrsD, and I did on Saturday.

I think I may have spotted the reason for the local's reticence.

Great report as usual though MrsLD.
smiling badger

Sounds lovely LD. How lucky you are to live in that part of the world. Or close enough to be able to appreciate it.
Robert Robinson

Off up to Settle this weekend... camping...

Looks lie it'll be a mud bath so just been looking for a nice, cheap, unbranded, waterproof cagool type thing.

Impossible. Leeds is full of shops selling poncy anoraks for £200.

I don't want to mince down the cat walk - nor do i want to scale the Eiger. Forum Index -> Strange plaices
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