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Just had a couple of nights in Grasmere.

Great scenery - snow on the tops. Sadly Mrs H would not climb to the top of Helvelyn.

Grasmere - place we stayed was run by Krauts. The only walkable pub was run by Poles. And in the local co-op I was served by someone from central Africa who had no idea what a bottle opener was.

Beer prices fucking expensive as well as was food hence going in to the co-op to get the last minute sarnie offers.

One nice bar (attached to a hotel) called tweedies.

All in all my memories of it being a quaint little vilage are now gone. It's a full blown tourist trap - but brilliant views.
Late Doors

Well  they say Hopes may rise on the Grasmere

But it's the The Leeds side-streets that you slip down that bring back down to Earth

Late Doors wrote:
Well  they say Hopes may rise on the Grasmere

But it's the The Leeds side-streets that you slip down that bring back down to Earth

Beat me to it.  

Good succinct report by HH though.  Will steer clear from now on. Shame about all the incomers.

Must say i was whistling that as i walked around the village
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

all about Sir Jimmy that song
Kingmaker of Lilliput

Grasmere for as long as I have known it (since the mid 80's) has always been tourist trap and always will be. When I was first aquainted with it the accent that stood out was Aussie or Toffee-nosed Home Counties set, I should imagine their hasn't been local ownership of business their since before the invention of the telephone. Pinning for the loss of local authenticity is about 80 years too late!

For me the birth nationality of a B+B owner, a bar licence holder or the local shop assistant has nowt to do with the price of fish and I expect it would be no different in Gretna Green, Gloucester, Grantham or Grassington.

Thing about that part of the world is, the tweeness might evolve, the enterprenuers may evolve, the cheap as chips lumpen who do the jobs the residents of Uliviston won't do might evolve but the hills, they are going nowhere.

On a slightly more controversal note, I shall not be visiting areas where they practice capital punishment on disc jockey's.....even dead ones.
Late Doors

Aye, of all the Lake District places Grasmere has always been a massive tourist trap, second only to Bowness/Windermere perhaps. If you're prepared to accept that it can still be an ok place but blimey there are tons of places in that beautiful part of our country where you can escape the crowds.
Comerinners have played a part there for decades it's just these days they come from further afield than Yorkshire and  Manchester. To tell you the truth i quite like a touristy place sometimes. There's nothing wrong with being around people is there? Forum Index -> Strange plaices
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