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Late Doors

Grant Lee Phillips, Brudenell Social Club

I sometimes think I'm listening to too much Americana but the reality is that it's the main thing that grabs me these days. It seems to reflect my inner persona and outlook more than anything else so when a new voice (to me anyway) comes along and throws in more I can't help but be drawn into it.

A sit down evening at the Brudenell but we stood at the back of the seats as a solo GLP took the stage to reverence and appreciation with a solitary guitar, minimal lights but a sack full of unassuming yet commanding presence.

Maybe 90 minutes of blissful acoustic poetry with melody galore and beautiful songs. Textured and varied they swept across his repertoire of old and wonderful latest album " The Narrows"  Like a Western  Lloyd Cole I thought. Where Cole is more cerebral GLP is solid and gutsy. Nice line in patter as well as he gently mocked the impending doom of the terrifying Storm "Doris"

Old one

New one


He's good. Loved that first Grant Lee Buffalo LP. As for listening to too much American music, there's only two kids of music.... Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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