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Late Doors

Gentlemen's Clubs.

Never been to one, never likely  to either. Pole dancing, lap dancing clubs call 'em what you like I can't help thinking they are just scuzzy sad places for scuzzy sad people but maybe that's me out of step. They seem to have acquired a certain respectable gravitas somehow that has completely bypassed by comprehension. They wouldn't obviously be so many if they weren't popular but I don't know a single person who uses them.

One of the jobs I had was working for an IT company that wrote software for car dealerships. Whenever the management team came to our offices for training/meetings etc they would expect some 'entertainment'.
Generally middle-aged, overweight, sweaty and wearing ill fitting leather jackets and too much aftershave.
There are certain advantages in being a tight miserable Yorkshireman, so I was never tasked with 'minding' them.
Late Doors

 Indeed, all that money, keeps the onanism industry going i suppose Forum Index -> Life in the fish bowl
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