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Gary Neville (sky)

Neville is to join Sky sports as a commentator.

I for one  am not looking forward to hearing his dulcet tones while watching the football,that is all.
Late Doors

Well i know what you mean Fin but depends how he is going to be. If he is going to be another sycophant who darenít upset the fraternity of players and ex players itíll be a non event. If he is going to speak his mind without compromise as i believe he can do he should be good. If he is going to spout his nasaly Manc platitudes along with his frankly racist attitude towards Scousers and Tykes he can take a large amount of F off pills.

I think what can be most interesting with an appointment like that is the perspective of the game from someone who is bang up to date with what is going through a players mind. I'm tired of hearing the men of yesteryear try that.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

I'm looking forward to listening to him *

*have his extremities fed into a meat grinder while he screams in agony

edited to say "he's a c***"

are they going to put a paper bag over his head?
Late Doors

reminds me of that ace gag someone made back elsewhere in a slightly different context. "Neville Neville your face is a mess"

He's just a shit Phil Neville.

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