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Late Doors

Gary Clark Jr

The blues just keeps on a rollin' One of my worst fears is that this brilliant pivotal and inspirational music evaporates into the mists of lost music. For sure its creative  boundaries have long been reached but within its musical structure there lay infinite possibilities for expression with both instrument and vocals. Every now and then a so called saviour comes along and takes the Blues to a new generation. Some pull it off with authenticity like Robert Cray and some hoodwink the impressionable with pure virtuosity like Joe Bonamassa. Gary Clark Jnr is the real deal and judging by the adoring crowd including many under thirty  at The Manchester Ritz last Tuesday is doing a fantastic job indoctrinating a new generation.

As an aside let me tell you that the Legendary Lass O' Gowrie pub across from the old BBC Center is back on form after years of neglect. A revamp and a fresh ale selection have rescued it. So much so we missed the first ten minutes of Gary's set. Not to worry though, he played a two hour set of real authentic  electric Soul blues laced with inspiration from the likes of Albert King, Hound dog Taylor, Curtis Mayfield and others. He has the live dynamics perfected, knows when to go into Guitar overdrive and has a multi faceted Voice that ranges from fragile falsetto to the gruff growl. More importantly, he means it. It was a brilliant affirmation of this fantastic music. Yeah he put in a couple of so called R nB contemporary grooves in and a poppy sentimental solo song or two but if that's what it takes to get the attention of the young uns then its ok by me

Plastic Man

I went to the Lass O' Gowrie years ago. It's good to hear its back on form.

Manchester city centre seems to have more than its fair share of quirky pubs, some with great ceramic tiling on the walls. Not too far away is "Peveril of the Peak". I also like the Circus Tavern, which claims to have the smallest bar in Europe. From memory, there's room for probably only one person behind it.
Late Doors

Aye, their are some ace pubs over there. We should have a Reg Fest, get the rattler over one Saturday. Knott Bar across from Deansgate station is a modern place but terrific ale and music Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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