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Gareth Thomas

Welsh RU player reveals that he is gay. Must have taken a lot of courage to do this given the circumstances of his sport.

Maybe it will embolden others to do the same.

A brave man indeed. The article on the beeb web site is quite moving to read.
Perhaps it will encourage other gay sportsmen to 'come out'*, but I'm not sure. He's an enormously respected figure in Welsh rugby, and towards the end of his career. He has done a courageous thing, but it would still be a great risk to any young gay player with his career in front of him to be so open about their sexuality.
In any professional sport, there are opponents who will look for any perceived sign of weakness, or even non-conformity and attempt to exploit them.

Rumours persist about the sexuality of a number of high profile footballers. Many will still remember Justin Fashanu, still the only openly gay footballer, ostracised by the sport, including his own brother.

*hate that expression

Good on him.

Ferkin poof. Wales in pink next year me hopes  The rumour always was that Barry John retired early because he caught JPR grubbing Gareth in the showers....This could be bigger story than Tiger.
Mick McCann

You couldn't really have chosen a better sportsman to do it really, could you? Maybe a boxer?

Respect to him.

Apparently its been an open secret in rugby for some time. In an interview yesterday he alluded to some of the banter/stick he'd had to take but absolutely said he had never experienced any homophobia from another professional. Whether that had to do with the fact that he has consistently been one of the best players in the world I suppose is academic.

Well, that's one Welsh village accounted for then.......

Grind wrote:
Well, that's one Welsh village accounted for then.......

Noo he's the only Gay in the scrummage

Forest wrote:
Grind wrote:
Well, that's one Welsh village accounted for then.......

Noo he's the only Gay in the scrummage

I'd watch that fly half. He looks trouble too.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood


i've always thought most rugby groups be they in the community, the school, union or league, decidedly if subconsciously....homoerotic in many ways

i think the guy deserves plaudits for his courage - but maybe greater plaudits if he'd made this announcement 10 years ago ... but maybe thats the point .... he wouldnt have had a career if he had Forum Index -> Sports
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