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Anyone into it? The likes of Pigeon and Rabbit?
Was given a couple of Pigeons the other day but have no idea what to do with them, except scare to fuck out of my Veggie eating sprogs with the feathery things.

I know how to prepare them but not too sure on the cooking side of things. Suggestions on a Post Card..

Whatever you do with any game it needs to be cooked quickly and at a high temp. If whole, roast them for about 20-30 mins - overcooking will mean they go all stringy and tough - a bit of blood won't hurt.

For the same reason, cuts like pigeon breast need to be flash fried in a searingly hot pan, just a few seconds either side.

For larger birds like pheasant, roast them upside down for the first 10 mins and then turn over to finish, then leave to rest for about 10 mins before carving. Bread sauce was made for game. Keep the juices/ fat for roasting potatoes - beware of shot bits being discovered by your guests - all part of the fun!
Late Doors

I've always been told to wrap them in Bacon or Italiian Ham before Roasting. Failing that they need generouse basting. That's what i do and it's always been fine. Otherwise they dry too easily. Under is way better than over as well in my experiience.

My old man used to know the Earl of Harwood and every christmas he would get a cock and a hen pheasant off him.

He would lovingly hang them up in the garage as you have to wait for maggots to form. My mother hates maggots so she used to trade the birds for a giant salmon that some scottish bloke she knew in Beeston used to get when he went poaching. Forum Index -> Plankton and Water
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