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Frazier Cranium

Frank Skinner in concert

'Three Degrees Cooler' was a special one-off gig at B'ham Town Hall in conjunction with fundraising for a statue being organized by West Brom fans in tribute to the 'Three Degrees' black players WBA had in the late 70s.  The statue is being arranged by the same people who created the Don Revie one so I was lucky enough to be invited to this gig having interviewed Terry Yorath about Laurie Cunningham for one of the promo mags.  But I was a fan of Brendon Batson, Cunnningham and Cyrille Regis especially anyway, despite them being opponents, and I never quite understood why all three, and Derek Statham at left back, didn't regularly play for England.  In fact, a couple of them remarked that Statham was THE player of their day.

Anyway, Frank was brilliant, reminiscing about all things WBA and interviewing certain players of the era on stage.  He takes the piss out of the club and especially the chairman Jeremy Peace who seems to be as twattish as Ken Bates.  He joked that someone asked if he would forgive Odemwingie for his QPR indiscretion IF the player scored 20 goals for Albion.  'I'd forgive Fred West if he scored 20 goals for the Albion!'  

So there was John Wile, Ally Robertson, and Tony 'Bomber' Brown on his own, then Willie Johnston on his own, and then Cyrille and Brendon.  Oh and that civil rights bastion Ron Atkinson too .   They were all great fun and it made for a fantastic event, with a few clips of footie action on a big screen too.

Batson and Regis were asked about all the racist shite they'd had to put up with, with three London clubs mentioned - Chelsea, West Ham and Millwall - and ONE non-London club mentioned.  Guess who that was folks   , though Everton had their moments too apparently.  They commented on beating us 3-1 at ER and all three of them reacting to racist abuse as they left the pitch at full time, and I remember it well too.  I managed to collar Batson later on about it  Met Regis briefly too, and could have had my photo taken with Skinner boy but that's not my scene and besides, I felt slightly fraudulent being not a West Brom fan.  I looked after Willie Johnston's jacket for him too while he went for a few photo requests, and I never knew he'd been framed in Argentina in the 78 WC - his 'drugs bust' was in fact two hayfever tablets I think it was.  A genuine bloke and the fans absolutely adore him.

Nick Owen was there too, I don't remember him being a WBA fan, but there was no sign of Adrian Chiles.  Had a nice chat with Mick Martin too, Irish midfielder signed by Giles (I don't know where he was either).
Late Doors

Ace, cheers for that. yep West Brom along with Ipswich always had appreciation despite the few important defeats they subjected us to. I always held no ill feeling to them anyway. Their fans have always been funny, as in comedians, not odd funny like say QPR .

As twattish as Ken Bates you say?  hgfhjgfjgfj

Sounds like a great night.

I've lived in the Midlands far too long and developed a bit of a soft spot for the Baggies. Always the most unfashionable club of an unfashionable area.

Been up to a few games at the Hawthorns with some of my yowser mates and always had a good time.

Nice to see them doing well.
Frazier Cranium

Oh by the way, John Wile played in the Tinkler game of 71 where Astle scored the controversial second for WBA.  John Wile said that all the players knew Suggett was offside and WAS interfering with play, and that Jeff Astle was also offside when receiving the pass to score.

Wile also said he was photo'd just about to land one on a pitch invader

Nick Owen is a Luton fan Codge but he's a presenter on Midlands Today so that'll probably be why he was there.

A lot of my mates were Albion fans when I was a kid, always liked them and pleased when they are doing well. I remember those players well and they were certainly a big part of my growing up.
Frazier Cranium

He looked quite a humourless twat actually, you know I always thought he has a cheery outlook jusding by his TV work.  Don'tthink he smiled once.  It was near enough a sell out, at 40 a ticket, not bad going and some nice people there, no real numpties

His radio show on Absolute is shite too.

Ta for the posting Codge. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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