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Frank Lampard

Any opinions?

A player I'm probably not supposed to like, but I must admit I do.

If you do open the link below, make sure to watch the 1996 West Ham "meet and greet" video.

Harry Rednapp handles it well (and, with hindsight, clearly knew his stuff - Scott Canham, anyone?), but the images of a young Frank squirming while being slagged off by a gobby know-it-all fan makes for uncomfortable viewing.

Especially knowing what we know now.

too much time under the sun lamp.

Maybe that's why he's called lampard.

groans inwardly
Nyles O Cranium

He's shit and I think Chelsea should give him to us for nowt.  He'd be the 'Strachan signing' we desperately need.  Unfortunately I believe we have better chance of getting his dad - Lampard's, not Strachan's) than anyone really good who could actually make a big impact on the team's mythical promotion chances this season.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

could probably singlehandedly get us promotion - would he be able to bear being away from his kids and Christine though?

Man U will probably get him
Late Doors

 Good Lord

Mother!! get them keys off father, i need to open this cabinet, there's a job to do. Forum Index -> All other football
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