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Late Doors

Fleetwood Away

"People come here for their holidays" said one lad behind us on the way to the ground hunched in our summer jackets as the driving rain drove in from the Atlantic.

We had the end behind the goal and halfway down one side. We were behind the dugout next to the Media throngs of Radio Leeds. Close enough to scrutinise the expression on Dallas's face fresh from the Mediterranean bliss of the Euros as he "warmed up" in the grim cold bluster of  the North West Coast. He wasn't even in the Starting line up.
I've been made a mug out of the last two opening games of the season. I thought Bianchi, Sloth and Antennucci looked decent footballers and Rossler knew what he was doing so I'm going to temper a generous first impressions of the team with some cautionary warnings about the forthcoming long arduous season ahead. Have to say Rossler got a very good reception from the Leeds fans as well.

We started with hopelessly futile formation that had Wood up front on his own. He's a good lad but limited in his touch and agility despite losing a shed load of weight. He isn't a lone front man. We were on the back foot from the off. Fleetwood came through our center area with ease and could have scored straight away as both our full backs were caught short and the cover in front of the centre halves non existent. The young lad Viera had a shaky start but he got better despite making a few wayward passes. Their first goal came from a scramble when we couldn't clear a corner and the old weaknesses at the back seemed to be still with us.
We got back into the game with Sacko causing problems but too often the delivery into the box was lame from both flanks. It was a pretty dire first half but from then on I thought we dominated the game easily enough. Taylor was excellent and both Roofe and Hernandez looked impressive. It was only when Mowatt and Antonson came on that we raised our game to another level. Both were impressive.

We got complacent in the closing minutes of extra time just as the hitherto tired Fleetwood had a final flourish and got the equaliser. The penalties were all confidently well taken  including Fleetwood's and Robson who had produced a few decent clearances and a couple of not so decent ones in the game made a good save. A deserved win and enough to see that we could have a decent side this year with a few calamitous players replaced by a few decent looking types. Monk was composed and at least looked like a manager with a plan irrespective of the awful pointless shouts of "Sort it out Monk" from behind us in the first half

It was on the box here -you could see that we were getting better the longer the game went on.

I agree about Mowatt and Antonsson - they made the difference. Forum Index -> Leeds
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