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Fittish one out of Broadchurch whose son was murdered

Jodie Whitaker

Dinks into the Adelphi with her partner. Could hear all the discrete whispers of 'look its her out of Broadchurch'.

Seemed pleasant enough. Stood near the bar.

Mrs H was a little tipsy and decided to go up to her and ask for a selfie. I was already out of the door by then.

6/10 - 9/10 if we get the selfie.

Great pub - many happy evenings down there when I was a kid.

Don't think I've been in there since I saw Mick McCann's band play upstairs.

I recommend it. Decent boozer with a good atmosphere and a good mix of clientele.

Not quite pretentious but with more of a little bit of yuppy thrown in if that makes sense.
Late Doors

A good Shat lass, always gets her round in. Forum Index -> Sink or Swim
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