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Fish Scam

West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service is today issuing a warning to consumers who may fall victim to certain unscrupulous traders selling ‘fresh fish’ door-to-door.

Consumers are advised to be on their guard following allegations of ‘rip off’ tactics. The traders concerned have offered Sea Bass, Wild Salmon, Halibut and Monkfish at attractive prices and presented in impressive sample boxes. However consumers who have paid up to £80-£90, have unwrapped their purchases only to discover cheaper varieties. Previous samples have revealed, in some instances, that the variety of fish has not been correct and been misdescribed as a more expensive type.

Some folks have been soled some dodgy fish

They'll get salmonella.
Late Doors

Excellent, another fish pun thread. A shiny penny and new season conker to anyone coming up with an original one. I bet Fin would if he was still with us.
Late Doors

Were they Pikeys ?

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