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Late Doors

Field Music, Brudenell

Sunderland brothers, been around maybe ten years, longer in fact, well, considering they are brothers since they were babies. They've done nothing spectacular just a steady stream of ace chunky white soul groove with interesting almost angular rhythms.

Sold out at the Brude as well so time has gathered a lot of admirers for their sound. Think Scritti Polliti, Pere Ubu and a bit of prince. The latter apparently a big fan along with Marc Riley. The band have very much their own DIY produced identity though.

Brothers David and Peter interchange drum guitar and vocal duties and have a nice north east stage banter about them. The rest of the band compliment and under pin them brilliantly with tight rhythm and crisp backing textures.

New album common time has just been released and made up a significant element of a well balanced set including encore that left a very appreciative crowd satisfied but still wanting more


Angular rhythms and crisp backing textures? Stop talking bollocks LD! Fair play to you for saying what you see/ hear though. They sound good. I always think that's where Otis Redding failed. Not enough crisp backing textures. Give me fucking strength!
Late Doors

 Aye, not exactly Charles Shaar Murray is it but it's not always easy to give things much thought these days on here im afraid. Thanks for the feedback though, criticism is a gift. (Oh how I miss that corporate culture speak. That's as true now as it was back then) Glad you liked the music. This is an older one


I'd rather read your stuff than his. I think he's a smug fucker. And he looks like he could do with a good wash.
Young Marxist at Tescos

Saw them about ten years ago, supporting BSP at Sheffield.  Thought they were ok, but never followed up on them

They're headlining the Saturday night at this year's Long Division festival in Wakefield.

That's the SATURDAY night at the LONG DIVISION festival in WAKEFIELD

Looking forward to seeing them again.
Late Doors

Whats that you say YMaT?. They're on Where? and When? Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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