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Favorite Sporting Moment of 2016

We have an end of year music thread so thought we should have one for Reggie's favourite sporting moments, and why they are special to you personally.

For me, it was 19 year old David Mullins winning the Grand National on the outsider Rule the World (won at 33/1, but I managed to get on at 50/1 on the Thursday before).

What made this story for me was that David said in a post-race interview that two fences from home he was alongside veteran jockey Davy Russell who's horse was slowing and was running out of momentum. He said that Russell yelled at him: "GO ON DAVID, HE CAN DO IT", and that pushed him on and he kicked for home and finished in the history books. You can nearly see Mullin's disbelief at the stamina of the animal he has under him in the pic. I also love the picture of Mullins, his Mammy, and his little brother who was in tears of joy for his older brother/hero. Ace!

My other one was the Brownlee Brothers on THAT race finish. Also ace!


Leicester winning the League
Late Doors

Dunno if it's just an age thing but I've become detached from sport or at least popular spectator sport. It certainly doesn't mean anything like it used to mean. The Olympics this year for instance were almost negligible. I was pleased for Jason Kenny and Laura Trott but the whole British cycling thing has an aura of "Say it aint So Joe" hanging over it. To say nothing of the insidious Ruskies

It's as if sport especially football has been ripped off us like a thief would plunder a rare species egg for their own gratuitous use. It has ceased to bring any connection to me at least. I enjoy it as I would enjoy a ride in a nice car knowing that any time soon id be out and on the street again.

That said there was some great England Cricket at the beginning of the year before it all went tits up. Yorkshire did well before falling on all fronts. I enjoyed Andy Murray at Wimbledon and was chuffed for Leicester. The Giants rescued a near disastrous season right at the least minute but I suppose the thing that has pleased me most was the Cubs winning the world series. Cant recall Leeds Utd thrilling me this year either

fartcatcher wrote:
Leicester winning the League

Me n' all
Late Doors

I enjoyed the mighty Iceland's euro exploits. Easily overshadowing plucky Wales who couldn't even beat the shittest team in the competition.

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