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Late Doors

Farm Shops

Anybody use them? We are blessed with two or three excellent ones round here. Hinchcliffes and Bolster Moor are fab. Everything we've had be it meat or otherwise has been top notch. A tad pricier than supermarkets but well worth it. Great cafes as well that pride themselves on quality local produce.

Common around these parts due to there being loads of, er, farms. We also have a gun shop in the village and a local hunt. And a butchers called: The Game Larder. Farm shops are ok, it's just being arsed to stop the car and go in instead of muttering: "I must call in there one of these days" as you drive past, which is my usual M.O.
smiling badger

Have a few around here. Sort of place that i just dont find myself stopping at too often. Not to buy the over priced produce . May call in for a cuppa if im out and about on me scooter now and again.

I'm embarrassed to say that I don't really like vegetables, but I do sometimes get the raw milk from the local co-op place here.

It's nom.
Late Doors

Had some great little Mornings/afternoons at Hinchcliffes recently. Great coffee and guess what?,,, PROPER CHIPS.

I'd frequent them more often but Mrs H is a hardened Iceland and Asda shopper

Mrs C and I like a farm shop. Especially if it does decent coffee and food.

Can Strawberries be purchased at these establishments?

Over priced shite - according to Mrs H. And who am I to argue Forum Index -> Plankton and Water
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