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FAO Robert Robinson

No Heart Anthony

how's your Roberta?
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

No Heart Anthony

The Serf of Craggwood wrote:

No wonder you were banned - can we at least wait for the bloke to post before outing him      
Robert Robinson

For ten points.

Where is the vulva?

I parked it here last night.. I swear..
Pond Life

*coughs combover*
Mick McCann

Hello Butts

My name is, Magambo, Magambo, Hey Papa Jo
The Coconut Boy - The Poster Formally Known As Mick McCann....bollocks I wanted to be anon for once in my life.

Will you be my friend?

Of course - are you on the right thread though? Poppa Joe was a very good record by The Sweet Forum Index -> New Reggiestrations
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