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Another one from the FC vaults. They were a top band in their time. Unfairly labelled as 'Prog Rock' as their songs were brief and contained no references to pixies or flying saucers.

Saw them at St George's Hall Bratfud with my mate Chris (most recently bass player with N Leeds beat combo - Wang Dang Doodle). They were supporting Deep Purple. We withstood one DP song and decided to bale, get the early bus back, and have a couple of pints in the Vic.

This song, written by vocalist Roger 'The Electric Goat' Chapman and guitarist Charlie Whitney, is rather funky. Probably the best thing ever to come out of Leicester.

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Late Doors

Think i saw the Chapman Whitney Street Walkers somewhere. That would be them then ?

yes - that was one of their later incarnations.

I suspect they're still playing in some form. Drawn back by the adrenaline/beer/money.

I've just re-purchased one of their albums - Bandstand. v good.

Not heard of these but never spoken to anybody who has seen Deep Purple. I quite like DP.

Re Family. If they walked on stage with all their female siblings would they introduce themselves like this: "We are family, I've got all my sisters with me!"

*fucks off*

Not heard of these but never spoken to anybody who has seen Deep Purple.

They either can't remember that far back or won't own up to it. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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