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Late Doors

Ezra Furman. Stylus

Came across this lad a couple of years ago with a terrific album Day of the Dog. He's just released what's shaping up to be another belter, Perpetual Motion People. We'll get the elephant out if the room first. He likes to wear dresses, on stage anyway and i dare say has more than a penchant for the more intimate of feminine attire. He doesn't care, neither do i, neither should anyone and that mentality is at the heart if what he does. Don't get me wrong, he's pure rock n roll in the finest little Richard, new York dolls and Lou Reed tradition but he has an open honest vulnerability that he just steam rolls through.

His records are good enough but seeing him live as i did for the first time on Wednesday confirms that the lad is a genuinely exciting and creative talent.

First time at this venue for me, at least in this present incarnation. Set in the university it's the old hall renovated into a '60s style groovy split level layout with contemporary fixtures and fittings. It looks and feels good though as usual you have to get on ground level near the stage to appreciate its great system AND GET AWAY FROM IGNORANT SELF OBSESSED CHATTERERS.

His songs of open manic honesty, his Jewish faith, anxieties and trauma are often based around a 50's pop beat cranked up into the present day by his fantastic band, they errrrr Boy Friends.

Interspersed with little intimate chats and musings to the audience and band the whole set was a massive joy. See what ya think

From Day Of The Dog

From The Latest Album, Perpetual Motion People

Late Doors

Talk about Ear Worms, EVERY track on the Perpetual Motion People'' album is the epitome of it. Started playing it again a couple of weeks ago and I haven't stopped since. Snarling lyrics, sizzling Rock n Roll of the highest order.

Just listened to the first two tracks from the Perpetual Motion People album on You Tube. I like it, very fresh sounding pop. It sounds very familiar. As for your: "I dare say he has more than a penchant for the more intimate of female attire" comment. That's supposition on your part and in the final analysis just your own sordid secret fantasies coming up to the surface you fucking filthy dirty bastard. I can just imagine you down at the front of the stage trying to look up poor Ezra's dress whilst having a good rummage in your front pocket. Fucking animal! Thin end of the wedge LD!
Late Doors

A lot of his music is based on classic R n R progressions almost kitschy rocky horror show like but behind it are tremendous individual versions. Check out track 4 Haunted Head Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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