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Late Doors

Ex Hex, Headrow House

Great little album of snappy guitar hooked tunes very much in the mould of Undertones, Ramones and all those other surfy turfy ram along a pop song guitar bands since. Nothing new about 35 minutes of sweet popcorn but this lot are Girls. Well women, grown up women as well, even dare I say it nigh on middle aged women. They are ace.

Mary Timony has been playing in bands like Fugazi for decades supplemented by some classical and jazz guitar tuition at music schools. She must be a very accomplished musician so the kind of things Her band The Ex Hex are doing must be Childs play you'd think. Not so, apparently itís the hardest but most enjoyable thing she has done she says. I love the album so was looking forward to the set especially at a new venue. The gig and evening followed the win at the Huddersfield Town and the subsequent celebration thereof. Consequently memories are shamefully somewhat hazy

Headrow house is just off the Headrow before the Three Legs (where Big Lil's used to be). The ground floor is the beer hall, reminded me of the Beer Kellers of the Eighties, loud, raucous, beery and full of scenesters. A 5.5 % ale was £4.50. Upstairs was the gig venue, Narrow but reasonably long with a small insufficient bar at the rear. Tragically the bands play at floor level on an unelevated stage making the bands visible to only the front of the crowd. Why the fuck would they do that? A multi million pound project apparently and they can't raise the stage slightly.
I had a peep at the rooms upstairs as well. one seemed a bit of a chill out wine bar environment and the other hasnít registered with me. I think itís a "street food" area come terrace.

Four bands on and we actually caught two of the support acts. The first was a Tom Petty lookalike but their grungy sound was too diluted to have an impact. The main support band were good but maybe not as good as the singer thought with all his requests to the sound engineer to raise the levels of various things in his various monitors. The sound man just smiled to himself as he twiddled some knobs. From what I remember the band's angular dynamics and quirky songs sounded like they could be memorable if given the appropriate levels of concentration that sadly I could not muster.

Ex Hex came on about 9.50 to a full house of maybe 200 and all seemingly as familiar with the bands album as I was. As expected I could see fuck all of Mary and the other two but they sounded good. Finished maybe 65 minutes later including a famous cover song that is so famous I can't recall what it was. Before that though they played the entire album that flew along with a †crisp, clean, snappy crunch absolutely peppered with great little three minute songs packed with rhyme and punch. Some great axe †poses as well judging by the guitar neck that seemed to get lofted on high at regular intervals.

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