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Euro 2012

Hoping Croatia and Bosnia win. Sad to say I can raise little interest in England these days.

I find it difficult to identify with our national team now because so many of them are twats.

Struggle with the cricket team as well, because most * of them are South African.

* may be slight exaggeration

Great thread Carp. Brazil for me, they just have to beat the plucky Scots.

Forest wrote:
Great thread Carp. Brazil for me, they just have to beat the plucky Scots.

A tricky Chelsea away fixture.

Bellamy to get sent off for a foul on Cole in the last 10 minutes.

We're off to to see the plucky Scotland against Brazil tomorrow, you'd better hope for a Scottish win. Otherwise you're a hater who wants us to have a really bad day

Good luck to the chilly Jocks.
Late Doors

Course we are routing for the Scots as always, Iíve no hold for this animosity for the other British Countries at all. Got to say though for all the recent twattery I do still find myself getting behind the English team, just cant help it despite saying I would never give them the time of day again after the world cup disgrace

Wow! this thread has it all.

Coatia lost..booo, Bosnia won....Yay.....England won.....yay and now Scotland are playing Brazil.....Yay.

That Neymar looked better than pretty good - the Scotland v Brazil game was live on the box here for some reason.

Bad hair though. He needs to fix that.

Scotland lost Booo. Snods got another cap...yay Forum Index -> All other football
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