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Late Doors

Eric's, Lindley Huddersfield

Lindley is a great part of town. About 2 mile northwest out of town centre it's a village in its own right but still connected to the town in a way the more far flung villages like Honley and Shepley aren't.  It's still what i would call "in Town".  Predominantly white middle or Working class with a smattering of magnificent Victorian and Edwardian mansion type dwellings that also attract the very well off it has therefore still retained a decent  pub-cafe-shopping culture. Some good pubs and clubs and a recent supplement of good eateries make  it an ideal night out. There are a few long established and respected local football teams around the area as well as Rugby and other sports clubs so there are always the young beautiful things scattered around as well as the gnarled and grizzled.

Eric's is one of the towns top rated restaurants so MrsD and i booked it for a footy free weekend and an evening out in the old stomping ground. She used to live up in Lindley so knows it well. I too have had many a night out up there with friends and local Girl friends over the years and it is always a pleasure to go back.

We took the bus up and planned to go to the Bar10 that used to be the Fleece Pub. The Fleece was THE best pub in the village but in a typical exhibition of Pub Co stupidity and greed the ace landlord was driven out by exorbitant rent and other Pub Co led idiocies so it was left to dwindle eventually closing and becoming a temporary successful Tapas Bar. That ultimately failed and it is now a fashionable wine bar. Well as fashionable a wine bar as a town like Hudders can muster. We thought we'd try it first but it didn't open till half five so we walked on to the Black Bull.

The pace was full and lively even at that early hour. Lots of people we both know, good ale, decent wine, nice staff so we tarried there until eating time at 6.15 and onto Eric's

Any number of people have told me how great it is but i hadn't been before due to my immense scepticism of this town being able to produce the kind of restaurant i love on holiday. I quite despise that certain kind of restaurant culture where it is blatantly obvious from the minute you walk in that their sole purpose in life is to screw as much money out of you as possible whilst making you as uncomfortable as it gets without actually making you sit on fire. First impressions were not good. The nice, young, polite but incredibly silly young lad who served us decided not to write our wine order down and brought the wrong one, twice to our table.

I had a wood pigeon and black pudding on celeriac mash and Pui lentils that went nearly cold while i waited for my Merlot. The tucker was class though eventually. MrsD had some kind of Salmon Rillete ?? thing that was as fresh and lively as catching one leaping up a Weir pawed out of the air by a brown bear would be. Also class.

My main was Sea Bass, crispy skin melting flesh with a crisp Nicoise salad.. I ordered Sautéed potatoes as i didn't trust the boiled ones that came with the Nicoise. I was right, they were bland and soapy. Mrsd D ordered Chicken and a Thyme potato cake that was saltier than an old seadogs sole pair of underpants after a month's voyage. The chicken was locally farmed and juicily tasty. For some reason they decided to send out side dishes that we were told were not part of the main and were not asked for. The thin soggy chips were an affront to behold and an atrocity to taste, disgusting and would get sent back in burger king. The mixed veg was hard and harsh, Maybe fashionable but not nice. I declined the sweet byt Mrsd had a liquorice ice cream based concoction that was unusual but elegantly decadent and very pleasant on the tongue. Two espressos, the bill and some mixed feedback since they asked for it and we were out into the Lindley Streets again. Overall experience was im afraid only barely satisfactory and quite disappointing given the build up but we will try it again.

We retired to the Bar10 Wine bar that was closed earlier for a double Talisker at the bar each to round off the evening. It was lively and full of the Lindley Glitterati. Good to see the place full of life again but time was running out for MrsD's allotted allowance for drinking and eating as her eye lids began to sink a little.  I rang a taxi to take us South across Town back home to end a lovely evening out. Top Notch


Very readable as per. Bit confused regarding the report on the meal and the 'top notch' to end post.

Or is it just me?      
Plastic Man

sheeps wrote:
Very readable as per. Bit confused regarding the report on the meal and the 'top notch' to end post.

Or is it just me?      

Yes - I agree. A well constructed review, positively promoting that area of Huddersfield, for which I thank the author.

If I ever find myself in the environs, I will alert my staff at the earliest opportunity.

To get the helicopter rescue crew mobilised forthwith.

Regarding the photograph of the tower - it was rather priapic. And combined with the 50 sheds of grey-like... "but time was running out for MrsD's allotted allowance for drinking and eating as her eye lids began to sink a little.  I rang a taxi to take us South across Town back home to end a lovely evening out... (by giving her a good seeing to - [assumed comment added by author]) - rather saucy!"


It would've been 10/10, but I wasn't totally sure when the picture was taken.
Late Doors

Ahh yes i can see the possible confusion there, i can explain.......

Yep the food was a mixed bag but the main event ie the pigeon, Bass, Salmon and chicken were lovely and apart from the chicken all things i haven't attempted at home. The peripherals around that were poor but the wine, when it came, was good and the place had a nice atmosphere albeit with young ie cheap inexperienced but keen staff.

I've learnt over the years not to expect much from Restaurants in Huddersfield. It's not a culinary town and most people won't pay for excellence, simple as that. They want mid range value at the most. There are some brilliant classy pub grub places that do great food. The Sands House on Blackmoorfoot, Butchers arms at Hepworth, Farmers Boy at Shepley, Fleece at Holme for example and then there is the Three Acres in the middle of nowhere behind Emley moor which is a step up from them and superb. It is a right bastard to get to if you want a drink though.

There's four or five great curry spots, Balooshai and Chilli Lounge in Town, Bengal Spice in Holmfirth, Street in Lindley, Koo i Noor on Leeds Rd, Mumbai spice on Bradford Road and maybe a couple of others. Then there is the ace De Sandros in Birchencliffe which never fails but on the whole Great restaurants are wasted on the Town.

What counts for me as a top notch evening out is very little to do with the food. In descending order it's

Great Company, Check
Good Beer, Check
Atmospheric places, Check
Loved and familiar surroundings, Check
General surrounding area, check
No hostility or conflict, Check
Food, 7/10 but i was expecting at least Eight, foolishly

Not bad in my book and worthy of a top notch rating for the whole evening out. The picture Is Lindley Clock Tower by the way, taken last Saturday on our way to the Black Bull. One of my favourite structures in the town.
Late Doors

Had another night at Eric's last Saturday, downstairs this time. Jeez was it really three year ago since this thread.

This time we were using some wedding gift vouchers, just as well, the prices here are borderline scandalous, more about that later

Lindley is ace as i said earlier but this time we forwent the pubs and aperitifed in the wine bar across the road (used to be the  ace and tragically obliterated Fleece pub) Not my choice but MrsD had her fineries on and didn't fancy walking about. No ale on, not even any bottles and despite it being an agreeable place well run it can therefore take a huge amount of fuck off tablets in future. Life is too short to put up with such treachery.

Into Erics we went, through the corner door into what was the old green grocers. I always feel like going "hah!!!" when announcing we have a reservation and sticking two fingers at them Rik style. Our table was next to the old fireplace where young staff calmly but attentively attended to the full tables. The place is very popular.

We had to be asked three times before we were ready to order the wine. Not hurried in any way i have to say but matching food with wine takes time, even with vouchers.

Starters were a crab ravioli, light firm parcels of Bridlington i recall with refreshing pumpkin and lemon foam. MrsD had plaice, very buttery, firm  with peppery celeriac.

My pork fillet and crackling was a perfect match of succulent flesh with a salty crisped coating. The sweet potatoes went with it well as did the robust deep red Aussie black shiraz.

Cant remember what MrsD had for main but we ordered a ton of green veg perfectly under cooked and under buttered that we also demolished.
No sweet just two Irish coffees.

Now we aren't used to paying a lot in Huddersfield. We had a tons worth of vouchers and they all went including a tip. A bit overpriced for what it was if you ask me. It was good but not that good but we were implored to spend it all, so we did. Forum Index -> Plankton and Water
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