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Kevin Khatchadourian

England number one

I for one never believed it. Rankings are one thing. But as ever England do not have the techniques to survive on turning wicket to decent spinners. Number one. You're having a laugh.
Late Doors

If they lose the third then Pakistan will be ranked No1, Its like conkers.

What an almighty clusterfuck of a second innings though even by our standards over the years. I remember someone on here telling me to stop being so pessimistic and that we had a game sowed up during the ashes last year. Never ever under esimate the ability of our batsmen to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

It looks increasingly like we're no. 1 by default on account of Aus and India being shite enough to let us trounce them. Strauss sounds like Nick Clegg, and therefore must go. Forum Index -> Sports
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