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Late Doors

England Arise. LBT Huddersfield

Premier performance of the play by the Bent Architect group (whoever they might be).

A real life story of life just before and during the first world war slightly at odds to Gove's heroic empire defending shite and Elton's comic pathos of ineptitude of the same period.

Working people are waking up and asking questions. Art is exploring new boundaries. Women are wondering why they don't get a say and its all producing a wave of revolution. Arthur and his friend  Percy are socialists from the mills of Huddersfield. Passionate, dedicated and fiercely brave in standing up to their many adversaries from all quarters of the social sphere. They know workers all over the world in Germany, Russia, America and the rest of Europe are at boiling point. The trouble is, so do the ruling classes so let's have a big war they say. Arthur and Percy  see right through it and become stoic conscientious objectors refusing to fight fellow workers and take all the consequences that brings.

A fantastic play that brings together the world changing elements of that period into an emotional and provoking performance and draws unnerving parallels a century later. Probably the best thing I've seen at the LBT. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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